Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2016 Monday Episode

kumkum bhagya 25th April

Kumkum Bhagya Monday Episode is out. Abhi and Nikhil are reaching Sarla to save her from kidnappers and Purab is rushing with the police force. Did they succeed in saving Sarla? Take a look.

The episode begins with Dadi saying not to talk in the room and Rachna asks her to talk in the room. Abhi gives directions to Nikhil to reach the place and gets a call from Purab about Sarla’s kidnapping and asks him to leave to the location. Purab says he will be there with cops.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2016

Abhi, Pragya and Nikhil reach the place and Pragya finds Sarla’s chain and Nikhil think that they got separated and got back once again. Nikhil gets cal and goes aside to talk and it is Tanu and she says see Sarla doesn’t get out of kidnappers or else we will be doomed and Nikhil calls the goons and scolds them and they say they are taking Sarla through a secret passage to a new location.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th January 2016

Purab and Ronnie are in the car and Purab tells Ronni about Sarla nd Ronni asks him to call Abhi and Purab calls him and come to know that the criminals have taken off Sara once again.  Purab says they are professional criminals and we must get her quickly. Abhi asks Pragya to come and Nikhil sees the goons and diverts both of them. Tanu is tensed and Rachna, Dadi come to her room and throw a stone in darkness to see whether she is involved in kidnapping or not. They talk to her and asks why is she tensed and Tanu says she is tensed as Abhi and Pragya and together from night and Dadi says if you have spent a night with someone then I would not have allowed you as he went for a good cause. Rachna says Abhi has got Sarla aunty and Tanu acts shocked and they cover it up and says she is happy as her marriage will happen. Tanu looks with a shocked look and they think she isn;t involved.


The goons open Nikhil’s car and Sarla think to something and hits a goon with around. Nikhil comes and scolds the goons. Abhi and Pragya feel Sarla is close and Nikhil sits in car and Sarla sees Abhi and Pragya and shouts for them. Nikhil hits her on the head and they get shocked. He gets inside the car and goes away and Purab comes there. Nikhil hits Tanu with his car and flies off. They take her in a car.

Tanu gets worried and thinks what’s happening there and thinks to call Nikhil and sees his 5 missed calls nad calls him. He asks her to come to a place and she says why am I? She says she maybe trapped too and he asks her to come quickly and ends call. Nikhil says he has hit Sarla with his car and she is in the hospital right now. She threatens to abort his child and she says she will never marry him and he tries to pacify her.

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