Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016 Tuesday Episode: Pragya came to know about Nikhil finally !

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Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Abhi is ready to make the announcement and is waiting for Tanu. Purab and Ronnie are ready to break into the vanity van. See what happened next.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2016

The episode begins with Tanu waiting for Pragya’s call about the blackmailer. She thinks to say Abhi to wait for some time and hears that some thief is in the vanity van. She gets tensed and thinks of how to bring Nikhil out now. Purab asks her to come out of the van and asks Security to break the door.

Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to rest for some time and he says no and says he will sing more songs so that she can earn more money. She says she will get a cool drink for him and he says you can’t spoil my voice now. He says he will make the announcement now and says I did this concert for Tanu.

He says he has warned Pragya to give him divorce but she refused and says now she has to pay for it. She folds her hands and requests and he agrees with her. Tanu comes to vanity van running and says she is her friend Rukhsana and says she was using the toilet and gets her out.

Purab asks her to show the face and Tanu says, her family is so conservative that they don’t want her to unveil her face. Purab says fine and asks her to sit in the VIP section. Nikhil thanks her and asks her to call the blackmailer to the vanity van as he has fixed the cam in it. She says are you crazy and he says ok, call the blackmailer to the parking and Tanu says she will do it.


Purab and Ronni tell Pragya about Tanu’s doing and Pragya says she is very clear as she saved her boyfriend. She says we couldn’t see his face and Tanu comes to Pragya ad Pragya ends call saying she will tell the new plan in a few mins. Pragya asks her why did she take her friend to the vanity van and she says sorry and Pragya tells that the blackmailer has called her. She says she no longer wants to go with the blackmailer and Tanu apologises.

Tanu asks her to call the blackmailer and make him come to the parking lot after sometime. Till the she says, she will go for Abhi’s announcement and Pragya asks what is so important to her. Tanu says fine and asks to call the blackmailer first. Pragya says ok. Pragya tells Purab that she felt like she saw Nikhil with Tanu and Purab says let’s wait and see. Pragya says now how will he escape.

Purab comes on stage and wishes fans to enjoy the show, He introduces himself and says he is there to honor a special organiser and calls out Nkhil’s name to come onto the stage. Pragya says now how will he rush there.

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  1. People, Kumkum bhagya is a serial which is moreover like a chewing gum which has been eaten so much that there is no fun left but only a piece left in mouth

  2. Yes it is being pulled too long and the actors look like fools discussing the same things over and over. It’s either the actors are dumb or the director but the people who are watching are being taken for granted.

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