Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2016 Tuesday Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2016
 Kumkum Bhagya latest episode is out. Abhi and Pragya take Sarla to the hospital and what did Nikhil and Tanu do to her? Take a look at what happened next.
The episode begins with Abhi and Pragya taking Sarla to the hospital and he asks her not to lose hope and asks her tos tay strong if not his worries will increase and Pragya forwards her hand and Sanam re plays. Pragya hugs him and says why is this happening with her. first Bulbul and now Sarla is in danger. She breaks the hug and says sorry. Rachna and Ranu reach the hospital ad enquire at the reception. Ronni remembers Abhi saying not to let Dadi come there and he asks Dadi to wait in the waiting room and she says no I must see Sarla and he says her state is bad and Abhi and Pragya are with her now. He asks Dadi to sit and goes to get medicines.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2016

Tanu meets Nikhil in the hospital and asks him to go away as he might create more suspicion on him. She goes to Pragya and tries to scratch her with her words and Pragya gets angry and Tanu turns to Abhi and asks him how did this happen and he explains her everything. The doctor informs them that Sarla is operated and he will inform them more if Sarla gets conscious. Pragys insists to let her see Sarla once and he says no as she is in OT. Tanu looks for Abhi and thinks of asking Ronni and thinks not to ask him. Ronnie bores her with his words and she says is he makes her angry then he too will settle in the hospital and Ronnie asks the nurse are there any beds available and she asks Tanu to get an eye checkup. Ronni says he will never let her know where is Abhi.

kumkum bhagya

Raj comes home and Mittali comes and hugs him and says I knew you would come for me as you can’t live without me. He says to stay away from him as she has ruined his life and says he has come for a file and says he can’t forgive her.

Abhi recalls Sarla keeping Pragya hand in my hand and thinks of what is behind this and Pragya says I know what your thinking and says this always happens, when we are weak and he say she wasn’t thinking about this and says Sarla kept your hand in mine and says she knew something we didn’t knew and I will find out once she gains consciousness,

Purab tells Dadi that the accident impact was huge and Pragya comes crying and hugs Dad and Dadi says Sarla betrayed death and she came back for us.

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