Kumkum Bhagya 16th Oct: Pragya provokes Aaliya over her marriage; Aaliya hire a goon to kill Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Friday Episode: In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya Pragya provokes Aaliya over her marriage issue with Purab; Aaliya hire a goon to kill Pragya on dusshera.

Sarla was delivering the speech and indirectly taunts Pragya for grabbing the wealth over her husband. Pragya tells that she is able to go in the stage as she remembered her dialogues. Mitali and Pammi-ji comes on the stage and gives a small laugh to the audience by mimicking Kekkei. Pragya tells them to be serious and leaves. Purab appreciates Pragya in front of Abhi and tells him that Pragya is helping business to grow more. Nikhil gives him the idea to do the partnership with Pragya and earn some money. Abhi tells that he only wants revenge and have to torture her.

Kumkum Bhagya 19 Oct Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Friday 16th Oct Episode

Dadi tells Pragya to make a plan for Aaliya as they know her better than Tanu, Dadi added that she wants to find the shortcoming of Aaliya, Pragya replied she have two shortcomings; marriage and money. Dadi and Aaliya decided to provoke her over the issue of marriage so that she will be exposed. All were in the hall and Pragya comes, Dadi tells Indu whether she any good guy is in his native place. Dadi tells that she needs a man for Aaliya. Indu tells that no one is there for Aaliya. Pragya provokes her that whether there is any type of person in the world who will get agreed to marry her ever in the life. Aaliya told her to be out of this matter as its family matter. Pragya told that it’s a money matter for her as she is going to pay for marriage expenses. Pragya and Aaliya start fighting as Pragya said that her past is telling everything. Aaliya told her to be quiet. Raj was listening from behind.

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Pragya challenged her to show and make her house first and then tell anything, Pragya tells that even Ronnie would not marry her. Aaliya goes irritated and walks away. Dadi told Pragya that Aaliya is a clever woman, Abhi was seeing them from behind. Dadi told her to be care of herself, Abhi was listening from behind. Pragya told that she would take care of her.

Abhi walks to Dadi and asks her about what Pragya was talking to her as they were talking very much like a mother and daughter. Abhi asks her for what she was talking to her, Dadi told her to take care of her sister and care about her marriage. Dadi emotionally tells him that to find a good husband for her. Abhi told that now he has come and Abhi will do something. Abhi told that Pragya have snatched everything from him and now he only believes in Dadi. Abhi asks to promise her that she would not hide the truth from him.

Dadi was about to promise her, Pragya comes in between and asks Abhi to go with her. Pragya told that there is an important task and he have to go with him. Pragya forcefully took him with her. Dadi says that she have too much empathy for her and all that she is sacrificing to fight the evil forces.

Tanu and Raj were wondering where the Aaliya has gone. Raj told Tanu to find her at any cost. Tanu tells that she may commit suicide. Tanu received the call of Aaliya in which she told that she has gone to Delhi to hire a killer to kill Pragya on the day of Dusshera. Tanu cried and said that because of Pragya, now she have to go the jail. Raj tells that she have done a good work and when something wrong will happen, Aaliya would be alleged but as she is not here, the whole allegation will go to Dusshera. Abhi added that then Tanu and Abhi can marry. Tanu and Raj will do a fraud later on and will be rich.

Pragya and Abhi come in the room, Pragya tells that call will come in Laptop and asks Abhi to login in the account. Pragya was thinking of to whom to request to call, Pragya request god to help her. Abhi told that there is no call and he is going for now, Pragya stops him. Just then a call comes on the laptop.

Dusshera Episode of Kumkum Bhagya will be indeed more interesting.

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