Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016 Wednesday Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016
 Kumkum Bhagya latest episode is out. Nikhil comes to the hospital and Tanu asks him to leave and did Abhi find her? Take a look at what happened next.
The episode begins with Tanu telling Abhi that her mum has called her and she needs her. He asks her to go and says he will take care of Sarla. Tanu leaves and Nikhil stops her near stairs and asks her why is she doing this and she says she can’t live in tension and says to kill Sarla and tell her the good news and he says Abhi is taking her home and is taking all safety measures. She asks him to only call her after killin Sarla.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016

Sarla is shifted to Abhi’s room and nurse asks Pragya to get some medicines and Ronnie says he will get them and Jani comes and calls Sarla and she asks why she is leaving me and asks them not to her money as she doesn’t take money. She asks Pragya why is Sarla not talking and cries. She says she doesn’t want Sarla to stay unconscious like this and Pragya consoles her and says she will be back soon. Abhi asks Ronni not to allow any outsiders in this room and Nikhil calls Abhi and says he is at the accident spot and Abhi explains him about  the accident and Nikhil acts surprised and gets tensed thinking Sarla might have told the truth.

kumkum bhagya

Pragys asks Abhi what is he thinking and he says he is not getting why they kidnapped Sarla. Pragya says it was not for ransom as we didn’t get any call and Tanu might be involved in this as she looked very normal after hearing about Sarla. They think if they want to stop Sarla they will come to hurt her again and asks Abhi to talk to commissioner and he says he has already done that. Nikhil thinks as police didn;t come yet, he thinks to finish her off before morning. He sees compounder and kidnaps him and takes his clothes and gets inside and Mitali colludes with him and Ronnie asks who are you as doctor told only nurse to stay here and nurse says she has called him and Ronnie asks why is  he wearing mask and looks tensed? Mitali calls Ronnie and he leaves.

Nikhil comes to the room and says sorry Sarla aunty, I don;t have any other option. I don’t want to ruin my career and says there is no place for good and removes her oxygen mask and hears someone coming and puts it back again and Ronnie comes inside and Nikhil sits beside and Ronnie says he will tell her jokes and make her laugh. Tanu gets a bad dream and thinks to finish her off and returns. Abhi and Pragya see him and asks him who is he?

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