Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2016 Full Episode: Abhi and Pragya started investigating the culprit together

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2016

In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Sarla slammed Pragya for not spending the money of Bulbul’s operation, As she thinks that Pragya has rejected to pay the expenses for her operation. The doctor comes in the ward and advises some people to leave as it might be shocking for Bulbul after seeing the crowd.

Kumkum Bhagya Friday Episode

Dadi told Sarla to leave but she denied, Bulbul started giving some response and they called the doctor immediately. Bulbul asks for a notepad, Purab gives her the notepad and she wrote about the candle stand which is all about to fall on Pragya’s head and someone wants to kill Pragya. Purab and Abhi decided to take the revenge from the person behind all this.

Tanu started getting hyper and told Alia to think before taking any action and celebrating. Tanu informs her about the happenings in the ward and told her that they will take the revenge from her and Purab is the one who is going to take revenge from her. Tanu dared her to reveal her name in mid in case she got caught for this crime. Alia told her to follow Abhi and says that she is the selfish girl in the house. 

Dadi and Purab were with the Bulbul to provide a little protection to her. Purab thinks to get any method in order to get the culprit red handed. The doctor comes with a great news that the patient is out of any danger now and soon she would be discharged from the hospital. Abhi requests Bulbul for her speedy recovery.


Abhi told Pragya that they will have to find out the culprit together and took revenge from him. Abhi accepts her intelligence and told that she is the one of the cleverest person needed in the mission. Pragya told Rony to collect the details of the persons invited in the party to Rony. Pragya doubts that there are chances that someone from the family is helping the decorator. She insists Abhi think once again and complete the investigation within the family also. She also doubts that Alia is the person who is behind this murder.


Abhi told everyone in the hall that if anyone knows about the person who tried to kill her should reveal the fact. He announced that he would not leave the person behind all this. He gave the last chance to the helper of the murderer. Rony comes and told that someone have beaten the caterer on Party’s night, and he was none but the decorator who tried to kill Pragya. Alia looks totally bad faced after this.

Tanu goes hyper and thinks of the bad effects, after all, this. Mitali comes without knocking the door and told them about Raj. She warns them that she would not leave them if there is any problem to him. Mitali doubts their involvement in the case, Tanu calls Raj from her phone and shuts her mouth up.

Pragya told Abhi that there is someone from the family is hiring Vijay again and again since he came back to the house for killing her. Abhi told that they should find the decorator, they started fighting out.

In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi will call Alia and told her to call the decorator since she has his number. (She got his number on the day Abhi caught him meeting Vijay publicly)

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