Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2016 Episode: Tanu and Nikhil successfully trapped Pragya in fake charges.

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In order to break down Pragya’s pride in Kumkum Bhagya. Nikhil had planned to insult her using his employee in front of everyone. Checkout whether the Kumkum Bhagya will work for Pragya or she will lose the chance this time.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th June Episode

The person comes and starts dancing with Pragya in an unwanted manner which had obviously increased doubt of Abhi and Dadi on him. Pragya was feeling unwell with him and Abhi was getting jealous. While everyone watches them dancing with each other, Tai ji comes to Tanu and asked her about future plans. Nikhil calls her and instructed her to start executing the plan out. (Also See: TS TET 2016 )

Tanu gets happy and went to the stage where Abhi was standing and the person was dancing closely with Pragya. She starts questioning Pragya’s integrity as he must be a close friend of her. Abhi stands with Pragya and counters Tanu that what she is doing is really absurd. Tanu comes to Nikhil and starts crying with Nikhil.

Nikhil and Tanu standing as a couple in latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya

Nikhil instructed her to keep trying till last moment. Meanwhile, Akash informed Abhi that the flowers were not bought by him. He went near the bouquet and read love messages written by the person named ‘Champak’ to her darling ‘Pragya’. Abhi’s doubt starts increasing after reading this and Tanu enters the same place to fire the flame.

Tanu started doubting Pragya’s integrity and claiming that the person must loves her. She started recalling what he has done to her and it must be a part of revenge. Abhi stands with Pragya and shutted Tanu’s mouth up by saying that she respects her ‘Kumkum Bhagya’.

Pragya separated herself from him and he asked her for help to clean his clothes. The man asked to show way to the washroom, Nikhil decided to click a fake image. And Tanu sparks up fire in Abhi’s heart. Nikhil delivered her some images to show them to Abhi. Abhi opens the envelope and gets shocked, he throws the images saying that its all scrap. Tanu took him with her.

Pragya in her birthday dress in latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya

Dadi asks Rachna about Pragya, Akash and Dadi also gets confused of remembering this while Rachna hopes for the best. Dadi again tells that he is a loser and lost a golden opportunity already to propose her. They discusses about the guy who was coming close. Rachna tells that the person was unwanted in the party, Dadi also supports her.

Abhi and Pragya dancing together – Kumkum Bhagya

Mitali tells Tai ji that she knows the reason for the party. She tells that Abhi was planning to propose Pragya and Tanu is not a simple girl. Tai ji tells her to be aware from all this matter (In heart she thinks that it may be problem if her bahu will be oversmart)

Champak asks to help him in cleaning the clothes while they were in the room, he took of her of her coat and touches her. The person asks to help him in getting dressed, meanwhile Tanu and Abhi watches them.



  1. this is one set of serious nonsense…when will this end…the viewers are so fed up of this track that is a slap in the face…filled of everything ridiculous and downright nasty…

  2. This is getting out of track. Its ridiculous! Its high time Tanu’s truth is exposed. If this has to drag more, there can be some time where Abhi doubts Tanu and her activities. Atleast a suspicion. This is getting boring . One after another the same story. Annoying to the core

  3. Himani batra on

    This is All bulshit……what director is dng I think it’s useless to watch this serial nthng is interested band Ho jana chahiye ab ye boring kumkum Bhagya

  4. Very annoying…please stop this track…tanu and Nikhil story so irritating…even lost interest in tanu getting exposed or not all these dramas…and abhi’s character so dumb…can’t tolerate anymore

  5. This show has been dragging this tanu nonsense for a long long time now.It’s getting boring just expose her already.I’m fed up watching the same thing over and over…

  6. its to bouring story…all the time Tanu win. atleast once time pragya Win then it will be instresting…

  7. it is boring to watch kum kum Bhagya now please let tanu & Nikhil truth get exposed . always why paragya is getting caught. Why Tanu & Nikhil not getting caught.

  8. Please stop this nonsense. The story is going on dragging with villains role and so many problems for pragya and abhi. How long will it take to make them together and expose tanu. If the story drags more than its kind of boring serial and there will be no difference with other serials where everyone tries to drag the story just to increase the number of episodes. Please make some change in the story where atleast abhi will start doubting tanu and abhi and pragya stay together happily.

  9. Me also fed up with scenes where tanu and nikhil are present with tricks and not being exposed in front of Abhi. It’s ridiculous

  10. Please stop this nonsense and reveal the truth of tanu and nikhil really getting bored of watching this show…. Stop dragging it more

  11. we are all fed up of this track…the story has lost everything….tanu character seems to be the lead….everyone is quitting…extreme bakwas….not interested or interesting anymore…

  12. prashant rajmane on

    tanu and nikhil dramaa in serial stop and abhi and pragya chemistriy continue…………piz,,,……….

  13. तनु की सच्चाई इतनी जल्दी पता क्यो नही चलति

  14. Ab to bhuat hee gussa aa rha hai,,, abhi ko washvas nahin pragya par very bad story,,,,,,,, dadi ji nice