Kumkum Bhagya 20th Oct 2015: Pragya assassination planned by Vijay; Tanu have to arrange 5 Lakh


In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya assassination planned by Vijay and Tanu have to arrange 5 Lakh rupees for Pragya’s killer. Pragya have denied to sign the deal with Abhi..

Kumkum Bhagya is a Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Zee TV.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th Oct 2015 Tuesday Full Episode

Pragya was reading the terms of the contract given by Abhi for his partnership, Pragya shocked after seeing 1 month notice period and strict conditions in the contract. Pragya thinks that this all is a plan of Tanu. Pragya decided to hide the papers so that she can make an excuse, she hides the papers behind the portrait of Abhi. Bigg Boss 9.

Raj asked Vijay about his plans, Vijay said that he have decided the plan and time of the assassination. Vijay tells his plan to tie the chair of Pragya with something which will make the Ravan on fall on her and kill her, Vijay told him to make sure that Pragya should be on stage when they will implement it. Vijay took 500 rs note from the pocket of Raj and knocked him for not carrying money.

Pragya Killer,Yuvraj

Abhi tells Pragya that she is feeling insecure of him and she was changing the photo of him with her photo, Pragya agrees to make him believe. She informs him that the contract has been lost, Abhi produces a new copy contract and tells her to sign it. Pragya asks for the pen and took the table on the dressing table, and sprays almond oil on contract papers. Abhi told him stupid and produces another copy of the contract. Abhi forces her to sign and Pragya keep running away from him. They come close on the bed while running away, song plays.Abhi told her to sign it, Pragya says she couldn’t sign otherwise he would go away from her. They go romantic.
Pragya immediately frees herself and says she mean it in reference with the company and it would be a loss for her. Abhi wants and away and told her to not to sign.

Bulbul is choosing her dress, Sarla ignites her confidence by saying that dress suits on her. Purab appreciates Sarla for speaking lie very clearly, Bulbul goes angry. Purab justifies him, Bulbul says tomorrow will be the big day for us. And says something special is going to happen tomorrow, Purab asks what. Bulbul told them to wait for tomorrow. Purab accidentally took Pragya name, Sarla goes in panic mode and asks what they are going to do, is there something they are hiding. Purab tells that she will play Dandiya with Sarla because Bulbul is not sharing the secret.


Kumkum Bhagya after Interval

Recap: Kumkum Bhagya Last Episode

Raj talks to Aaliya about 5 lakh rupees and told her that it’s impossible to arrange 5 lakh rupees. Tanu comes, Raj scolds her not for doing any work perfectly. Tanu slams her to be in control and says she would arrange the money at any cost. Raj told her to take care and arrange the money otherwise she would be responsible.
Mitali and Taiji plans for Dandiya in the room, learning from the laptop and then Ronnie and Payal come in the room. Payal appreciates her for the idea of learning Dandiya online. Mitali says that they know the Dandiya dance and they were just listening to the song. Payal took her phone and plays songs on it and starts dancing, Mitali remains shocked seen dancing them that good. Mitali and Taiji also started dancing with them to learn also. But Taiji falls on stage while trying to disturb them. Ronnie says Payal to go to another room as people are jealous here.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2015

It’s morning in the hall, Pragya tells everyone to be prepared for anything. Ramlila Group tells that they are experienced and they should not worry about it. Vijay comes from behind and gives a gada to the person playing hanuman role, Tanu looks on. Taiji complaints about Mitali to Taji. Tanu wonders why Vijay is here and tries to ask Raj about it. Accidently Mitali listens her asking about him, Mitali thinks that she isn’t asking about Nikhil. Pragya taunts Abhi and Abhi try to tease her. Tanu was thinking to win the competition, Nikhil comes hiding his face behind bouquet.

The next two or three episodes of Kumkum Bhagya is going to decide the fortune of Abhi and Pragya.

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