Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2016 Episode: Nikhil wants personal favour from Tanu; Abhi and Pragya goes romantic


In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya and Abhi reunited finally despite all the efforts by Alia and Tanu. Dadi made a persuasive speech to Abhi, which let him feel the value of his wife and the mistake he had done.

Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Episode

Abhi and Pragya hugs each other feeling the same of from the very starting episodes. Tanu, Alia, and Mitali were happy in the room after humiliating Sarla and Pragya. Alia tells Mitali to have a seat and be part of their celebrations; she offer her drinks. Mitali says Tanu that she is an expert in choosing out the cards for marriage. Tanu shows her willingness that in her marriage card, there should be a girl with specs running behind the groom. (Also Read: Kumkum Bhagya Last Episode)

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi conveys to Pragya after recalling his words that he should have to be an ideal for all of his fans. He tells his actual situation that he was getting married to a wrong girl just for forgiving his first love. He added that just to get his life go on the correct path, he lost her. Pragya comes and tells that they were never together, she appreciated his decision and told that she is with him in every phase of life.

She applauds his decision of saying everything right to her and offer him friendship so that he will never cry in his life again. Abhi was kissing Pragya, and suddenly¬†Rachna comes in the room. He left the room and started speaking to mirror that Tanu shouldn’t know about all this.

Tanu comes and asks what he was thinking about. She started questioning him repeatedly and acting like his masters. Abhi justified that he was only supporting Pragya. Tanu gives him a warning to not to go there again. She made him select the cards, and suddenly Nikhil phone call came. Abhi in his private, recalls his personal moments with Pragya.


Nikhil informs Tanu that he is with the lawyer to get his right. He gives her warning that if she will do any speculation, he is going to set her back very strongly. Tanu justified that she would get everything done soon after their marriage.

Nikhil warns that he is coming here, and he will not let her marriage happen without getting his right. Abhi is in his thoughts that Tanu had made his life complicated, Tanu came and took a card for the wedding finalised from him.

Pragya was trying to avoid Rachna; Rachna asks her all that is happening between them. She justified that it was a motivation for her. Rachna questions what kind of motivation by kissing. Pragya replied that he had made her realised that something could happen between them and she will fight now for his love.

Nikhil instructs Lawyer that no delay should be there in the paperwork. Purab spotted them and decided to find what is happening. He came with the Lawyer in the room; Tanu shouts on him for trying to spoil her work.

Nikhil shouted on her and advised to be in her limits. Alia calms him down but he gives a proposal that he want CEO position in return.

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