Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2015 Tuesday Episode | Zee TV : Abhi kissed Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode: Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday episode is available here as the full transcript of the video, as it happened. Kumkum Bhagya is Indian TV Serial which airs on Zee TV.  

Serial: Kumkum Bhagya
Cast: Sriti Jha , Mrunal Thakur , Shabbir Ahluwalia , Supriya Shukla , Madhu Raja , Faisal Rashid , Vishal Solanki & Charu Mehra
Telecast Date: September 22, 2015
Episode Number: 379
Available on: ZEE TV

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September Wednesday Full Episode | Zee TV : Pragya goes angry

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2015 : The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Tanu about her plan to steal the CD on the command of Lady’s confirmation call. Aaliya explains her plans of making a duplicate CD and selling it to the producer. Pragya thinks that she wants Abhi in the conform zone, but unfortunately, hurting him every moment. Aaliya doesn’t have any idea, when will Abhi will come back to the home. Abhi came home full drunk and says that he has a special friend with him who will take care of him. Abhi asks her to come in and shows the little doll. Pragya looks on surprisingly. Abhi tells the doll to not to look at her,  or else she will get scared.

Abhi who is fully intoxicated asks the doll to sit and makes it wears Pragya’s specs to cover eyes of doll. He says I can’t live without you fuggi (Here he refer fuggi with Pragya). Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says to the doll that this girl looks like you, but her heart is of stone. He says I will give you head massage and says I liked while you massage my head. Pragya masks him to get up. Abhi goes emotional and tells how much he loves Pragya but he said all this to the doll. Abhi asks her not to touch him and asks what is your problem? He asks why is she bother him? He says two lovers are talking and asks why she is intervening ? Pragya says it is a toy and get wake up. Abhi says that at least the doll is accompanying him and Pragya have no right to disturb them.

Kumkum Bhagya : Kiss of Abhi and Pragya

Abhi says that Pragya is her boss but only in Professional life, Abhi talks to doll again and says Pragya is jealous of them as she can’t separate doll and Abhi as the love each other. He says she is a lady villain because she is separating them. Abhi asks the doll to bribe her. Pragya cries and thinks of Dadi’s words to be strong and she don’t want to see her tears asking her to be strong. Abhi sleeps on bed and is about to fall down, but Pragya holds him. Abhi opens his eyes and sees her wearing specs. He says you have come back fuggi, you were troubling me and asks her not to leave him. He says I can’t stay without you.

Pragya starts crying hiding behind a book and tells Abhi that she would be her fuggi always. Abhi asks why you are crying and the background song starts. Is that lady Mogambo said you anything, Pragya falls in tears. Abhi calls Mogambo Mogambo and says she might have ran away. He asks her not to cry and assures her. He tells fuggi, you are looking hot and asks her to kiss him. He asks if she is modest and asks her to kiss on his cheek. Pragya kisses on his cheek. Abhi the falls on bed after kiss.

Next morning Pragya wakes up earlier and sees Abhi sleeping next to her on the bed. She smiles seeing him and remembers to call Aaliya for that CD. She calls Aaliya, Tanu wakes up Aaliya and asks her to attend the call. Aaliya takes the call ask Pragya to have a meet with producer. Pragya asks the reason of meeting with the producer. Aaliya insisted her to meet him else first refuses to give her CD. Pragya says I will talk to the boss and get back to you.


Pragya thinks Bulbul’s plan has trapped her. Aaliya tells Tanu that the lady was hesitant but said she will talk to her boss and then get back to us. Raj comes from background and hears their conversation. Raj asks about the matter they were talking about, Aaliya makes an excuse. Just then Raj sees two bundles of notes with and asks Aaliya. Aaliya makes an excuse and says she begged in front of her friend for money. Raj objected the intentions of Aaliya. Tanu says we are not hiding anything. Raj asks her again about the notes. Tanu comes in between and says we are hiding something and tells she has complications in her pregnancy. She asks him whether you take me to doctor.

Pragya turns and sees Abhi standing beside her. He says he has realized her nature. He asks about the specs which is kept aside. He tells Fuggi came in his dream and have kissed him on his cheek, Pragya blushes. and the episode of Kumkum Bhagya comes to the end.

Precap of Kumkum Bhagya :

Pragya tells Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya want to meet producer and says we have to drop this idea before we get caught. Pragya has got emotional with Abhi and remembering her old days.

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