Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2016 Tuesday Episode

Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Sarla gains consciousness and did she reveal the truth to Abhi? Take a look.

The episode begins with Sarla waking up and Nikhil and Tanu gets tensed and Abhi asks everyone to let her rest. Purab says we will know the culprit.Abhi says he will not spare kidnappers. Pragya asks why are you unable to speak. Abhi calls doctor. Mitali thinks he can’t get info from Sarla.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2016

Aditya comes to meet Raj in his office. Raj says you don’t need my permission. Aaliya says she needs permission as she thrown out of house. Raj asks when did she come out of jail and says good news is I am out. He clears to her and says Aaliya is changed now. Aaliya asks really. Raj says he will not help anyone in wrong doings and she says he is misunderstanding her. Raj refuses to help her and says he doesn’t want to interfere. Aaliya says Bulbul have committed suicide and says she will not let his efforts go waste. She asks him to see what she does.

kumkum bhagya

Nikhil says to Tanu why did she wake Sarla up instead of killing her and asks her to come and she refuses. Mitali asks what are they doing and Tanu asks her back the same question and Mitali asks she asked it first. Nikhil asks her about Sarla and she says she is trying to speak and Doctor is seeing her. The Doctor says Sarla is paralysed. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks what does he mean? Doctor says he can hear us see us but can’t talk. Abhi says when will she be fine and Doctor says it takes time and asks them to cu=onsult physiotherapist. Nikhil think Sarla can’t get well now and Abhi, Tanu will marry.

Pragya prays to God and Abhi says there is no God and says God id helpless and he can’t even return her voice. He says God is made of stone and can’t help Sarla. She asks him to trust and she will be back to normal.He says fine, I will be back and says turn Sarla back to normal or at least get her voice back. Then he agrees to trust god.

Nikhil tells Tanu that Sarla is paralysed. Tanu gets happy. Nikhil thinks he shouldn’t fade away. He asks her to talk to Abhi about her marriage. Ranu says she will and asks her to not take tension as it might effect baby. He asks her to rest. Tanu says she will take care of Sarla as he will not marry until she is fine. Tanu thinks Abhi will think of her words and gets happy. Abhi thinks what to do now and wonders about Sarla’s wish.

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