Kumkum Bhagya 23rd Oct Episode: Abhi saved Pragya from Vijay; Pragya got clued about Nikhil


In the 22nd October Episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu have sent Nikhil to the Aaliya’s room claiming that she will meet him there. But Tanu starts performing in the dance, put the duppatta on her face. Accidentally when she was having the dance with Ronnie, Ronnie reveals her face in front of Abhi and Abhi scolded Pragya for that all, because Tanu has claimed that she was forced to do the dance to get money from Pragya. Tanu went to a room. Nikhil who was searching for her, founds her and get clued about her pose of cheating.

Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Full Episode

The 23rd October Episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Pragya visiting the room of Tanu and found she is hugging Nikhil, Tanu was demanding money from Nikhil and has emotionally blackmailed him for the money. Pragya have seen them hugging, When Pragya comes, Nikhil leaves the room and Tanu started blaming her for her situation. Tanu shouted on her for making of Abhi from a rockstar to a normal man.

Payal and Roonie have planned to reunite Abhi and Pragya as they both think that the couple is made for each other. To increase the importance of Pragya in front of Abhi, Payal tries to convience him by saying that they internally love each other despite of all the differences.


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Vijay the killer has decided to cut the rope of big bell over the Durga Ma idol when Pragya would be under the bell. When Raj sent Pragya near the idol, Payal have seen Vijay holding the rope in his hands. Raj sided the Payal and instructed to cut the rope. Abhi comes near Payal under the big bell. Abhi walks away after having small fight, Vijay cuts the rope. Abhi seen the bell falling on her and saved her. Sindur from Durga Maa filled in Pragya’s mang.

Sarla comes to Pragya and asks her about her. But later walks away.Payal said that she have seen Vijay over there. Abhi took off him and asked him some questions, Vijay governs himself. Later Abhi believes him and said its probable that the chances was of accident. Payal complained Purab about him. Tanu shouts on Raj and claimed that she would kill her definitely and Vijay is stupid.

Pragya said to Dadi that she is very lucky that Kumkum was on her head and she is very lucky that Abhi have saved him. But Pragya have only indicated her about Nikhil, hasn’t told her full information.

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  1. Stupid director! Why he could not reveal the truth of aaliya and tanu before abhi. Learn from Pakistani dramas they are so good……..,

  2. Duck they all need to chbage this story get up This wedding show and the z son in law shows and other shows or we won’t watch ever They need to co-pie

  3. Ok to be honest I literally adore this show ?. Like its an obsession, like a drug ??. #Abhigya is bae, Goals AF. I miss them together and their cute scenes. I mean I know that Ekta Kapoor is only doing this for the entertainment of the viewers, and it was fine to an extent where the viewers had hope that their Abhigya would get back together and finally get rid of their enemies once and for all. But, if i were to be honest; it has been stretched wayyyyy too much and now all the viewers are starting to get annoyed and some have even gone to the extent of not watching the show until Abhi and Pragya get back together. For me, quitting on the show is near impossible. I am literally obsessed with it and I have been a fan since the day this show started, and I am not going to give up on it now. I will still patiently wait for my baes Abhigya to get back together, I will still fangirl over their romantic scenes, no matter how short they may be. I will still cry when Abhi hurts Pragya, I will still scream “Fuck off Bitch” when Tanu and Alia try to harm Pragya. My request to the directors is that please quickly end this sequence of the show. Pleaseeeeee let my Abhi and Pragya be back in each others arms, where they truly belong ?.

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