Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016 Saturday Episode: Tanu Pays Nikhil’s Hospital Bills

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016: The episode begins with Tanu coming to Nikhil and says about how Sarla took the blame. Nikhil says we must plan big. Tanu says she will convince Abhi that since Sarla is a thief and Pragya will also be a big thief. (see: Kumkum Bhagya Last Episode.)

She says she will get rid of Pragya once in for all. Tanu thinks to count money and says she must have 80 lakhs after paying ten lakhs to the hospital. She starts and Mitali sees her. Tanu is shocked.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016

Mitali says she will tell the truth to anyone, and just then Tanu stops her and says this cash will be yours if she keeps her mouth shut. Mitali holds the money bag and Tanu clicks a pic of her and blackmails Mitali. Tanu says she will say all that Mital stole the bag.

Mitali keeps shut and leaves thinking that she must show her hand to Pandit. Pragya gets a call about Abhi;s meeting. Abhi wakes up, and Pragya asks him to get ready for the meeting. Abhi says he didn’t sleep last night, and Pragya asks him to get ready as he has a meeting with Sridhar.

Abhi thinks not to leave as Pragya will get upset again. Abhi says she is not feeling well, and Pragya checks him and says his temperature is normal. Abhi says he can’t get up.


Pragya goes and gets the thermometer. She tries to call the doctor and sees Abhi placing the thermometer in the hot tea. Pragya thinks so this is what he is doing and calls Doctor to come immediately.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016

Rachna tells the receptionist that Tanu is asking for a bill, and Akash sees Nikhil’s name on it and no Tanu’s name. They think they played well again. Pragya checks the thermometer and sees 109 degrees. She says he has a high fever.

Abhi feels. Finally, Pragya will take care of him. Mitali comes home and asks Robin to make lemon water, and Pragya asks Robin for ice. Mitali gets stomach ache for hiding the truth.

Pragya gets an ice pack and Abhi says he doesn’t need an icepack. Abhi refuses as Pragya insists. He asks why is planning to ruin a healthy man’s life.

Pragya says you missed a meeting and trips. She falls in his arms, and he holds her feet. Abhi makes her sit and sees her feet. Pragya thinks he wanted her to take care of him. Instead, he s taking care of me now.

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  1. This saying is for abhi
    Defination of stupid
    Knowing the truth seeing the truth but still believing the lies abhi you r like this above saying n dont irritate my cute praghya. Abhi dont believe tanu she is a cheater n a thief abhi you must be with praghya only because she is very good by nature n mind

  2. Still watching the show with a hope that Tanu will be exposed soon ! But when ? Its really dissapointing and sometimes rather irritating . I think makers of the show are giving much importance to Tanu ‘s charecter . They dont realise that talented actors like Smriti Jha and Sabbir Aluwalia are getting ignored . Most of the actors play so boring and unimpressive .Dadi ,Purab , Abhi and Pragiya acts sometimes so foolishly ! If i compare with other shows like Yeh Vaada Raha , Kala Teeka ,Jamai Raja ….. It seems KB has no flow in its storyline ! Sometimes i think i should stop watching the show . Its high time makers must put up with Tanu ‘ s prolonged stupid pregrency drama and bring the show on a right track or otherwise the show must taken off from the air !

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