Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015 Monday Episode | Zee TV: Aaliya denies to back off


Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015: KB is an Indian Televison Serial which airs on Zee TV. In this episode, many plans of Aaliya, Pragya and Tanu fails. What are they? Check out in the written update below.

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015

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It starts with the plans of Abhi to take revenge from Pragya and do not leave her this time at any cost. Dadi calls Pragya to inform about that they have to cancel the meeting this time, Pragya thinks over way to attend the Dadi call without making anyone doubt. Pragya tells her that she will reach on time and she is on the way, She has also taken the taxi to reach the hotel. Dadi informs her about the fact that they have to cancel the meeting. Pragya says, “Abhi drive the car fast, else else else… I will start shouting for the help. Aaliya tells Abhi to stop the car now or she will send him to the jail.

As soon as Abhi stops the car, Pragya departed and takes an auto to home. Pragya goes to house and asks Babul about Mamaji health. Babul says that his stomach is not well yet. Pragya tells them that Aaliya have already reached the restaurant to check the things there. Bulbul says that we have to cancel the meeting saying that producer is ill. But Pragya insists them to arrange a backup producer for the meeting. Bulbul explained her that it would not be easy to teach him to act like Mamaji who have been trained already

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015

Abhi have planned outing with Purab for the whole day and he tells Purab about it. Purab also says that the whole day is booked for Abhi and he is not even going to attend the Bulbul’s call today. Purab tells him that situation of Purab-Bulbul relationship is more becoming like the relation of Abhi and Pragya. Bulbul has started changing since the recent days.

Bulbul is telling Dadi and Pragya that she could not act like a producer but she can teach others to do that. Dadi and Pragya start teasing Bulbul to take out the real Bulbul from inside her. Dadi tells her about her plan to cut the hairs of Bulbul and change her look. Pragya and Dadi keeps emotionally blackmailing her, finally Bulbul agrees in the last. Pragya says that she has learnt all this from Bulbul, Bulbul says she won’t do it. Dadi tells her to do childish things in front of Purab’s family. Bulbul says there is something called motivation and I need that, Dadi leaves from the room. Dasi was standing outside and she asked Mitali where the Dadi has gone. Mitali says that she has not noticed. Dasi says that she is not at home, Dasi starts asking about Dadi to Payal, Payal also denied. Dasi scolds Payal for not taking care of Dadi, Dasi punishes her by giving her to do all the housework of today. Payal acts like fainting after listening for whole house work, Everyone starts laughing.


Kumkum Bhagya After Interval

Pragya and Bulbul enters in resturant and Bulbul fixes the camera and mic on the table, Pragya gives padding to her for her intelligence act. An unknown person comes and gives the box to Pragya. Pragya tells that making the deal out is the biggest challenge for Bulbul. Aaliya tells Tanu that 10 crore is all theirs now. Tanu says that we are fooling them and they doesn’t know that they are buying only own work. Abhi enters which shocked Aaliya. Abhi enters and slaps her hard. Tanu then woke up and realise that it was a dream. Tanu decides to stop Aaliya right now. Pragya and Bulbul come to the restaurant. She fixes camera and mic on the table. Pragya praises her intelligence.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi and Purab were enjoying in the car. Purab tells Abhi that he is not giving any importance from Bulbul and their relationship is in danger now. Abhi says that Bulbul may be busy nowadays and he should enjoy his bachelor days a fullest. Tanu stops Aaliya from going and tells her to come back. Aaliya tells her not to intervene and leaves, Abhi and Purab enters in the restaurant. Purab asks him to have some food, then he spotted Pragya there and says “Mogambo”

Precap of Kumkum Bhagya:

Bulbul goes irritated from a Sardar comes in the restaurant, She runs and hugs Pragya. Pragya starts shouting for help. Bulbul reveals her identity, Purab and Abhi are in the same restaurant.

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