Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2016 Saturday Episode: Pragya have some extraordinary plans for Tanu

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Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Tanu calls out Nikhil and he is waiting for her. See what happened next in the next series, Will Pragya be able to expose Tanu?

The episode begins with Tanu calling servant’s quarters. She sees Nikhil in there and says, so you are here. Nikhil says he was waiting for her, and Tanu says Pragya will expose their truth. Nikhil says he won’t let it happen. Ronnie comes rushing to Pragya and says Nikhil tried to kidnap him, and he ran away. Pragya scolds herself.

Kumkum Bhagya Saturday Episode

Pragya tells Purab, Ronnie that Tanu knows the truth. Pragya tells them that Tanu called her in Bulbul voice to a temple and showed the video where they all talk about the plan. Pragya says now this is fine as we will tell Abhi truth. Purab asks Pragya not to let Abhi sleep tonight. Pragya says she will get Abhi downstairs. (Also See: Kumkum Bhagya Last Episode)

Pragya says to Abhi that some client has sent a video and asked him to come downstairs, Abhi told her to give the TV remote first. Pragya says she will give remote to him, and Abhi agrees. He dares her to speak the lines and then only he will get the downstairs.

Abhi asks her to say Abhi is the best singer, and she says. Abhi asks her to tell Abhi is the best husband, and Pragya asks why she must say. Abhi says he will change and come. Purab, Akash, and Ronnie arrange everything and ask Ronnie to hide as he is the ghost.

Nikhil is in the Tanu’s room and says he will not let it end yet. Abhi comes downstairs the and asks them to play the video fast. Abhi says he is sleepy. Tanu comes and says yes, we must sleep now. The video begins with Tanu crying and saying she will confess. Abhi asks what is this? Pragya asks him to see. Dadi and Mitali also ask what the suspense is.

Nikhil says my plan begins now and removes the fuse. Pragya thinks it is Nikhil’s work and asks Purab to get her phone as they might try to steal it. Purab takes the phone, and Nikhil comes and steals it from him and runs. Purab says the thief has come, and Abhi says he might have gone to the storeroom. Ronnie tries to switch on the lights.

Kumkum Bhagya

Tanu tells Pragya her phone is lost now and asks what will she do now? Pragya says real game begins now and says you can’t run now. Tanu says she is freed now.



  1. Stopped watching kumkum bhagya from today….
    They are just dragging a non-sense topic!!

    Bye bye kumkum bhagya…!!!