Kumkum Bhagya 30th Oct 2015 Episode: What would be the ‘Special gift’ of Nikhil for Tanu


Updates of the 30th Oct Saturday Episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Zee TV. In this earlier of Kumkum Bhagya Pragya has decided to find the Tanu’s boyfriend, Abhi listened to all this and said what she have decided to run away with my money and property. Abhi looks at her romantically when she got pain in her leg. When she was applying the gel on her back, Pragya told him to see at another side. Abhi offers help to him.

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Kumkum Bhagya 30th Oct 2015 Full Episode

Pragya tells him a no and Abhi told him the time when he saved her and she almost fell on him. Pragya denied of help and tell that she will do it on her own. Abhi gives stupid ideas and then tell Pragya to turn around and gives him glasses of Fuggi and told her to wear them So that he would think like applying gel to fuggi. Abhi and Pragya go emotionally while Abhi applied the gel. Abhi teases her a little bit and Pragya got shocked. Abhi went away.

Purab, Dadi, Bulbul and Pragya meet in the cafeteria. Bulbul questions her about the person who tried to kill her, Pragya told that he was the same person who was caught by Payal. Pragya informs that she is tired of this drama and need one day vacation in the house. Pragya informs everyone that she wants to be fuggi for one day on Karwa Chauth. Bulbul denied the vacation and tell that it’s not possible, Dadi agreed. Pragya told that she will do that one time and do this fast for Abhi. Pragya told everyone that she would do that for Abhi at any cost and its final.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th Oct 2015

Tanu informs Aaliya about the failure of the plan, Tanu informs her how Abhi have saved Pragya as always. Nikhil comes from behind and holds the waist of Tanu. Tanu calls him Abhi, Tanu turns and get shocked. Tanu informs him that his money has no use for her now and the plan of Pragya have faced. Nikhil told her about his plan to come to break the fast of Tanu on Karwa Chauth, Nikhil added that he have a special gift for her. Nikhil went away

Abhi searched for Dadi and comes to Dasi, Dasi told that Dadi has changed now and in her own world. Payal informs Abhi that Ronnie was spying him. Ronnie tells him that her grandma’s ring has misplaced, Abhi told that they all will search for the ring together. They searched for it, Ronnie blamed Payal for stealing the ring. Ronnie told him to check the bag of Payal. Dasi asks him about his ring, he explained. Payal opens her bag and the ring falls from it. Actually Ronnie has placed the ring in Payal’s bag. Payal goes sadly as everyone blaming her.

Purab tells Bulbul to call Pragya, Pragya receives her call Dadi was on another side. Dadi told her to manage on her own and not let Abhi got hint about the fact of Pragya.

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