Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016 – Zee TV: Tanu is smarter than Pragya !

Abhi in anger after seeing Champak and Pragya together in Kumkum Bhagya
Abhi in anger after seeing Champak and Pragya together in Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode: As Nikhil has stolen the audio cassette to delete the proof. Purab informs Abhi that something must be there in the video since the thief has taken it with so much eagerness.

Kumkum Bhagya Monday Episode

Mitali warns Tanu that she is going to get exposed as Pragya have recorded her confessing that the child belongs to Nikhil. Tanu gets scared and shouts on Mitali as usual. (Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya)

Pragya explains Dadi that its the last chance for them and they are not going to get a second chance in their life. Dadi tells everyone that Pragya is saying that she is cutting everyone’s pocket money if her phone wouldn’t trace, Dadi asks for support from Tanu, but she ignores.

Finally, Purab and Abhi can catch Nikhil and beats him together. They took him to the room for stealing from Rockstar Abhi’s house without seeing his face. Rony turns the light back on, and Abhi comes with Nikhil in his hand. Abhi reveals his face by uplifting the cloth; they find Nikhil inside. Abhi remains shocked after finding Nikhil there.

Pragya taunts Tanu privately that her game over now as the last backup plan of her is failed now. Nikhil justifies that he came there to hand over t he CD to Purab. He cooks up a story that he was the one who run behinds the thief and catch him. Tanu took phone from his hand telling that it’s her phone, Dadi snatched the phone from Tanu advocating that she wants to see the video.


Abhi also explains his curosity to watch the video, Dadi and Purab plays that. In the video, Tanu was seen praying in front of god to get her married. Pragya tells that its not her phone, Tanu advised her to keep control on her tongue. Pragya warns her not to touch her phone again. Abhi told everyone to shift the plan for watching video for tommorow.

Pragya still wonders about her phone, Dadi sent Abhi to had a nap. Abhi denied and tells that he is no mood of doing sleep. Dadi gave him a good idea of listening to songs while Tanu and Pragya were fighting. Purab tells Pragya that everything was perfect but Nikhil was there with an advanced plan.

Nikhil calls up Tanu and explains her that they aren’t safe for a long as Pragya is in anger and she could do anything. Tanu also concerns and tells that she will do something.

So here comes the conclusion that directors of Kumkum Bhagya are in no mood of closing down the Tanu’s episode.

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  1. Really its nothing but waiting when the audiences will boycott KKB..
    If Pragya would have said the truth at the initial moment only this all stupid drama would not have gone crazy..
    One thing I cant understand is Pragya cant say the truth as Abhi may not believe her, but what about others.. There are many characters who can say him and make him believe like Dadi, Purab, Aakash, Rachana.. They can tell the truth in front of Pragya’s mother so that she can nod in positive response.
    Hell watching KKB.

  2. serial is becoming too nonsense,any dumb person wouls keep copies of the video pragnya could have forwarded the videos to abhi,rony dadi so that even if the phone was stolen tanu would have trapped..such a dumb writer,,bullshit.

  3. It’s too much yaar… From starting tanu is villain in this story… Beg u director or story writer dat bring something new … U are losing trp

  4. Am loving the show but it had been long that Abhi and pragyha get along .everything is perfect.

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