Kumkum Bhagya 7th Jan 2016 Thursday Episode: Alia finds the property papers signed by Pragya


In this series of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see changing faces of many characters. Pragya aka Sriti Jha is going to come in aggressive look. The important part is Bulbul will back in the serial again after some time.

Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Episode

Alia took Bulbul’s death as an opportunity to come closure to him. She went to his house and tries to woo him. He responds her negatively and told her to go. Alia went¬†away with Tanu. He keeps on confessing his love to Bulbul by seeing her photo. Dadi told Purab that she will tell Pragya to leave the mission as such a huge loss for personal benefit is not a good thing. Purab comes to Pragya and told her that she must not cry as it would make Bulbul sad. She told him that there is no way to be happy.(Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Purab provokes her to give punishment to the real culprits of Bulbul’s death. He added that he is going to make last wish of Bulbul successful by making them successful. He showed the last letter of Bulbul to Purab and Pragya to take revenge from the people who took and separated her from her love. Purab decides to find out the father of Tanu’s child as both the things seems to be attached to each other.

Pragya gives the promise to Purab to find out the person behind this motive and make him die every day. Akash comes back from Hyderabad and tells Abhi that as the work has been completed he returns back earlier without wasting the time. When Rachna asks about Pragya, Tai Ji and other gave their responses in a very unmannered way which makes Abhi dissatisfied. Pragya comes at the dining hall and asks for everyone’s fingerprint. Alia got shocked after listening to this news.


Pragya informs that she is sure that someone from the family is the person who has tried to kill her sister. He told Rony to took everyone’s fingerprint at the same moment. Alia and Tanu forcefully gave their fingerprints. Dadi wonders for her changed Avatar.

Pragya comes back and promises that she will make her culprit punish for sure. Abhi comes to the room and asks about her recent actions. Pragya told that she will find the person and make him punish, she¬†added that she couldn’t leave the person and his involvement in the investigation would be harmful. Abhi told that he took only truth’s side always. Pragya dares him to act against when culprit face will be unmasked.

Alia informed Tanu that she has wrongly given her fingerprint from oily hands which will make the job tough. Tanu threatens her more. Alia decided to follow up Pragya on the way to the forensic lab to detect who is the real culprit.

Akash and Rachna follow Pragya while she was going to meet Dadi. They listened to their talks while they were talking about the Alia and Tanu involvement in the murder. Rachna informs her that they were already aware of this plan by Bulbul. Alia comes in Pragya’s room meanwhile and searches for the proof. Meanwhile, Dadi comes and Alia hides in the wardrobe after some time she founds the papers of the power of attorney of Pragya.

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