Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2016 Episode: Pragya plans to solve Tanu’s problem; Abhi decided to get divorced

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This episode of Kumkum Bhagya brings out many amid controversies between Tanu and Pragya’s plan to expose her bare handed in front of Abhi. Moreover Pragya have to save her marriage, the series is getting interesting on daily basis.

Kumkum Bhagya Monday Episode

Alia thinks in herself that somehow she have escaped the jail but still doesn’t feel the freedom. Tanu comes towards her and informed her that she have some good news. She told that Pragya could help her in catching the blackmailer, for Alia it sounds fishy. Nikhil comes in between.

Nikhil objected of taking help from Pragya. She told that if he could arrange 20 lakhs then she will think of not taking Pragya’s help. Mitali comes on door when they were talking. Tanu made Nikhil hide inside the bed.

Mitali asked them about updates, they bugged up some stories. Mitali told them not to lie as she have listened a third person voice inside the room. Alia somehow managed to take her out, they took a breath of relief. Tanu shouts on Nikhil and told them that she will keep them updated for more.

Alia decided to make the concert a flop so that downfall of Abhi’s career will start. Meanwhile Abhi plans to give divorce so that he could marry Alia.

Dadi, Purab and Pragya meets inside the Dadi’s room. Dadi told her not to lose temper. Abhi comes in between and started blaming Pragya for everything. Pragya was listening everything hiding inside the bathroom. Pragya accidently got hurted and makes a noise, Dadi keeps Abhi busy and saved them.


Abhi told that he have plan that they will talk to her in a rude way. Dadi agrees to give him some satisfaction, Abhi leaves after conveying the plan. Pragya comes out and discussed the way to reduce Abhi’s anger. They told her to plan something on herself, Purab gave excuse of planning for concert and Dadi told she have some work and leaves.

Tanu decided to trick Rony and ask him the details, but Rony himself starts irritating her. Pragya prays to god in order to help her in the way as she is just one dice away from her goal. Pragya comes and informs him about the concert, he got excited after listening this.

Abhi dances with her and told that she wants him to perform, she will need to give him the divorce first. He comes to Tanu and informed everything to her, Tanu thinks that her plan to catch the blackmailer might get flopped as she will not able to find the blackmailer in case he will get into the concert. She gave excuse of his career and begs her not to participate.

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