Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2016 Monday Episode

 Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Tanu goes Aaliya and Nikhil also comes there. Did someone come and find that Nikhil is there.
The episode begins with Aaliya thinking about her problem and says Tanu always comes with her problems. Just then Tanu comes and says good news and Aaliya gets excited and asks what is it? Tanu says Pragya agreed to help me and Aaliya asks did you trust her? Tanu says no and Nikhil comes in and asks what. Tanu scolds him and says it’s all because of him and Mitali comes and bangs the door and Tanu gets tensed and hides Nikhil. She comes and asks why are they tensed and they say nothing and asks her to leave and she says she heard a third person’s voice too. Tanu starts shouting at Nikhil and asks why is he visiting Mehra;s house and Aaliya asks about the concert and Tanu says she will confirm and let her know.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2016

Aaliya thinks now I can see Abhishek’s downfall as the concert will fail. Abhi thinks of Mogamabo and says You will on one side and Daadi on the other side, then will see how will she not give him divorce then. Daadi, Purab and Pragya are discussing in the room and Abhi goes to Daadi and Tayaji catches him and talks about Raja and Abhi says he has to talk to Daadi about something important and knocks the door. Purab asks Pragya to go and hide in the bathroom and Abhi comes in. He asks Purab what’s he doing there and Daadi tells him that she called Purab to talk about the divorce.Abhi starts talking against Pragya and she hears everything from bathroom and her saree gets stuck in the door and she pulls it and hurts her head and Abhi looks that side and Daadi yells about her pain to distract him.

Daai asks him what was he saying and he says we will do the bad way now and we will act rudely to Pragya till she gives divorce and asks Purab to tell Daadi as she will listen to him and leaves. Pragya comes out and says he is angry on me and says what should we do now. Daadi and Purab ask her to convince Abhi. Tanu thinks of how to get the concert details from Pragya and thinks she will not tell her and sees Ronni and asks sweetly Ronni about the concert and Ronnie irritates her by his drama. Pragya is praying at MM mandir and asks the god to be with her as she is fighting for something and asks him to grant her victory. She thinks Abhi is angry on me and says she will cool him down and then reveal the truth.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2016

Abhi is watching TEI and switches it off seeing Pragya. Abhi sees her and thinks she wants to say something and she talks about the concert and he gets excited and talks about the big boardings saying Welcome back Abhi and Pragya watches him shocked. Abhi asks why is she looking at him like that and she says I am just happy and he too says he is happy and gives her hi5 and says to give divorce and she gets shocked and says he will only perform if she agrees to give divorce to him. She leaves and he tells that to Tanu. Tanu gets shocked and thinks he has created more havoc now. Abhi asks her isn’t she happy and she says yes and asks why did he do that with his career and he says I am Abhi, The Rockstar, I can perform whenever I want and says this is to teach that Mogambo.

*Tanu thinks wat did u do Abhi. u have created much bigger prooblem now. now how will i catch the blackmailer. Abhi says y r u nervous wen u have to be happy Tanu says m not nervous. but y did u do like tat. This is ur career. Abhi says M Abhi the rockstar i can do concerts any time. But now i have to teach a lesson to Mogambo.

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