Kumkum Bhagya 9th Jan 2016 Episode: Alia forced Pragya to leave the house; Dadi suffers small heart attack

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2016

In the earlier episodes of Kumkum Bhagya we have seen how Bulbul has tried to commit suicide and suddenly disappears which have made everyone think that Bulbul is no more. Pragya who is burning in the fire of revenge has decided to find the culprit and she has taken everyone’s fingerprint for the same to match with the fingerprint on the lighter. Alia has faked out her fingerprints using oily hands. But as destiny plays the game Alia reveal in front of everyone that she got the power of attorney papers on her name by cheating. She has also dared Abhi to speak against her

Kumkum Bhagya Saturday Episode

In the today scoop of Kumkum Bhagya, we have seen how Abhi has revealed her own truth and speaks against Abhi. She declares that she is going to decide who will stay in the house. She gave her first order as she dismissed Pragya from the property and she will not live anymore in the house. She allowed her 30 mins to leave the house. (Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya)

Pragya went back to her room to pack her stuff out. While packing her stuff she only things to sort out the things. She prayed that Abhi will give her a glimpse of love while walking out. Akash and Rachna things of handling out the problem, they decided to talk to Purab about this. They called him to return the home back and informs them happening of the house.


Dasi comes and told her to be in manners with her brother. Alia justifies that he has treated Bulbul like her sister. Dadi pointed her out that because of her Abhi have given a chance to her, she justifies that she got only hate in her life at all times and its the time she has to bear this. Mitali thinks that Alia is a bigger problem than Pragya.

While Pragya was moving out of her house with her bag, Alia told that one work is remaining as one thing is not yet completed. She stopped her and said that she will check out her bag as its the time to check every outsider.

She told Tanu to check her bag out. While Tanu took out fuggi, Pragya told her to but her back otherwise it would not be good for her. The second thing she took out from her bag was the photo of Abhi which makes Abhi thinks of Pragya’s love once again.

They both shared detailed moments in the eyes contact. Dadi was about to get the heart attack when Pragya was moving out from the house. Abhi told that he would be the slave of Alia if she will stop her, Tanu insists and Alia gives her one day time to leave the house.

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