Kumkum Bhagya : Aaliya exposed in front of Abhi, Abhi founds the cheque given by producer to Aaliya


Kumkum Bhagya Full Episode: Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Zee TV, In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya Aaliya exposed in front of Abhi, Abhi founds the cheque given by producer to Aaliya and finally the plan of Pragya worked.

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Kumkum Bhagya 02 Oct Episode: Pragya was shouting at Abhi and Aaliya that they couldn’t take care of a music CD. And the theft of Music CD and its upload on the internet have created a huge loss for her. Aaliya assures everyone that the CD is in her office only and she will show when the employees will come. Abhi and Pragya asked to leave the office now as they are not going to meet employees, to check what has happened to the music, Aaliya tell Tanu to stay out of this matter, Aaliya tell that she is going to change her dress. Abhi, tell Dadi to be sure that no one will make a call. Ronnie took the phone from everyone on Dadi’s instructions. Aaliya starts searching for CD and tells that the CD must be here only, but there was no CD, then Aaliya started blaming Pragya from making her forget the location of CD. Abhi asks her to calm down and rethink about the music, Abhi says Pragya will suffer the loss if something happens. Aaliya tells them that the CD is in the house, Pragya replies that she is doing the drama. Abhi stops Pragya questioning Aaliya.

Kumkum Bhagya

Tai ji and Mitali started questioning Dadi over the CD stolen, as they were talking about something going to happen. Ronnie stops everyone to talk in between, Dadi also bows her head. On being questioned by Raj, Tanu said that she doesn’t know anything about this. Ronnie calls her illiterate and Tanu replies that she is educated. Mitali questioned Tanu about the reason she wants to go office. Dadi asks her to tell the truth, and what was that CD which Dadi just seen in the bag of Tanu. Ronnie took the CD and starts playing it. It turns out to be the duplicate CD. Meanwhile, Bulbul noticed that song is well going viral on the internet. Jhanki comes and informs Bulbul about unwellness of Sarla.


Kumkum Bhagya After Interval

Pragya insights to make Aaliya accept that she has stolen the music and sold it to someone else. Aaliya tells her to stop blaming without proofs. Aaliya tells to Abhi to not to trust Pragya as he is the brother of Aaliya and started emotional blackmail to Abhi. Pragya tells she have millions of reasons to store and sell the CD for money, as Aaliya doesn’t have any money with her at that time. Aaliya again insists that she doesn’t want any royal lifestyle and the CD must be in her room only. Aaliya insists that she will check her room herself and wouldn’t allow Pragya to do that. Abhi told her to let Pragya check the room. Tanu tells everything to Aaliya privately, Pragya was searching for the demand draft to get a sufficient proof against Aaliya.

Tanu gives hints to Aaliya to take and hide the Demand Draft with her, Dadi asks everyone to search for the CD, Meanwhile Aaliya hides the Demand Draft under her when she sits on the bed. Pragya tells her to get up as she need to check under the mattress. Aaliya says she is feeling drowsy and wants to sleep, Abhi and Pragya insist her to get up now. Abhi gets the cheque in his hand as Aaliya went up from the bed. Abhi says, “10 Crores”. Abhi is totally stunned to see the DD. Abhi asks her about it, but Aaliya remains speechless. Abhi slaps her hard.

Precap of Kumkum Bhagya :

Abhi goes angry and tells Aaliya should have asked him for the money, he will definitely do something to get her money and today Aaliya have lost all respect.

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