Kumkum Bhagya 6th Nov Episode 412: Alia is back in the house; Pragya amids new controversy with Tanu


In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi broke fast of Pragya accidently, and he never knew about it, Tanu is jealous of seeing this, as when she tried to break her fast. Moon was gone. Since Tanu couldn’t break her fast, she has sent Abhi to Pragya’s room to scold her for creating the drama unnecessarily

Kumkum Bhagya 6th Nov Friday Full Episode

Friday episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Nikhil entrance in the room; Nikhil forcibly made her eat the food that was bought by Abhi for her. Nikhil made her break her fast and eat her food. Abhi calls for Pragya and instructs her to come out. Abhi thinks that Pragya was in the room and accidently locks the room feeling Pragya was in the room. Later he locks Pragya in the room but Pragya scared him, he comes to scold her but ends up arguing and fooling around with her. Pragya reveals the truth of Tanu that Tanu has eaten all the food already. Later Bulbul forcibly tried to made Sarla eat the food, but Sarla ignored.

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Then, Abhi with Pragya together unitedly to Tanu’s room and Abhi insists on breaking Tanu’s fast. Tanu, who is already full, tries to avoid the food but is forced to eat by Abhi. Tanu starts feeling unwell, After eating some bites, Tanu rushes towards the washroom and starts to vomiting. Pragya showed the other empty plate of Tanu. Tanu gives excuses, but Abhi went away.


Bulbul tries to convince Purab about revealing the truth of Pragya to make her more comfortable. Purab suggests doing the consultation first with Dadi and Pragya. Tanu goes overexcited when Alia comes back in the house; Alia told her to welcome her back in the house. Alia and Tanu shares an argument when Tanu explains to her what all has happened in the Karwa Chauth day.

Tanu said, Alia, that she wants to take the revenge from Pragya, Alia suggests her to use Abhi against her in the same manner Pragya was doing.

Abhi was sitting alone doubts on Pragya that she have followed all the rituals as she was expected to do that. Pragya enters the room, Abhi called her and looked intently at her. Abhi tries to find Kumkum in Pragya’s mang. Abhi told her about the confusion that she have kept the Karwa Chauth fast or not and doubts her intentions on that day. Abhi accuses her of having all this as a pre-planned task. Pragya tells he is desperate to make Pragya have fast for her; Abhi tells he is desperate only to hate her.

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