Kumkum Bhagya Nov 2 Episode: Pragya and Tanu are doing Karwa Chauth fast for Abhi


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd Nov Episode: Earlier Pragya had fell in love for Abhi and decided that she will fast for him on Karwa Chauth, But Dadi denied that as the truth will be revealed. Later they both agreed that Pragya will do the fast but would not tell Abhi about it. Nikhil got clued about Tanu’s intention of having excuses to run away from him. Read the Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

Kumkum Bhagya Nov 2, 2015, Monday Full Episode

Latest Episode of Kumkum Bhagya

In the Nov 2 Episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi falls from sofa saying something to fuggi in his dreams. He drank water and wonders where Pragya have gone so early in the morning. Abhi searches everywhere but couldn’t find her and decided to check cars; Abhi listened something happening in Kitchen. Pragya was cooking kheer, Abhi questions. Pragya replied that it’s her house, and she could do anything. Abhi repeatedly asks him what she was doing. Pragya replied that she was cooking. Tanu comes, and Pragya tells her that Abhi has cooked the kheer for her. Tanu cries as Pragya emotionally blackmails her. Pragya offers Tanu to have some Kheer. Pragya tells that she is not having fast and went away to the room, Dadi scolds her dramatically.

Bulbul is having fast for Karwa Chauth, Janki offers her food. Sarla comes, Bulbul finally revealed that she is having the fast today. Sarla and Janki got shocked and laughed off the Bulbul’s changed behaviour. Bulbul informs them that she do this to increase the chances of her marriage with Purab. Sarla tells that she felt like that Pragya must be having fast today.


Pragya dressed up for the Karwa Chauth and decided to be a wife of Abhi for today following all rituals. Abhi decided to run away from house otherwise he would have to perform the rituals. Abhi comes outside the room of Pragya and calls her to come out of the room as he needs to change. Pragya comes outside in the red saree; Abhi remains shocked. Pragya and Abhi have an argument, but he thinks that something is changed with her, as she is not fighting with him.

Mitali and Tai Ji challenged each other to restrain till the midnight. Tanu suddenly enters the room where Pragya was waiting for Dadi and found her in the red dress. Tanu asked her about the dress; Pragya tells it’s her choice, and she is not having fast for Karwachauth. Pragya warns her that if she asked it again, Pragya would do the fast, and it would be not helpful to her, as they both would do for the same person. Tanu remains shocked when Pragya asks about her ‘mistake’. Tanu angrily went away.

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Purab and Bulbul comes and tells them that everything is good or not. Dadi signally says that everything is fine. Dasi gives suggestions to Tanu for spending the whole day. Tanu and Abhi comes, Tanu signally tells him that she thinks that Pragya is having the fast today. Abhi asks Ronnie about Pragya and Ronnie tells that she in the room but he would not tell him about that. Abhi goes to check it in the-the room. Abhi took chocolate from Payal and went to the room.

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