Kumkum Bhagya Nov 20 Episode: Nikhil and Pragya comes close for mutual benefits

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016

Pragya slept on the bed hiding the actual truth from Abhi successfully with the new teddy bear (Her boyfriend). Abhi thinks of evaluating of night’s plan and he thinks of solving the problem out as once she will wake up, she will angry on him. [Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Abhi thinks of doing something and starts doing arrangements for Pragya, Tanu stopped him and asks him for the time. Abhi explains the whole doing of Yesterday’s night where he made Pragya drink wine. Tanu shouts on him on which as a response, Abhi governs himself.

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Abhi made her remember the time when he spend the time with her and done the mistake, he told that he is more aware of all these things from then. 

Pragya woke up and found her in the room surrounded by bouquets. Pragya founds herself losing the grip as Abhi is approaching her too much. Later she got puzzled about the fact what all he was doing. Ronnie enters the room and informed that Nikhil is here for the business deal. Ronnie decided to find the truth himself as being getting surprised seeing the flowers.

Alia and Tanu come to inquire Nikhil about his reason for visiting home, Nikhil told him that Pragya has called him for something. Pragya enters from upstairs. Tanu got surprised and asks her about Nikhil in too much eagerness. Pragya justified that it’s all her deal to choose whom to invite in the house. Nikhil and Pragya do their deal to show the investment opportunities. 


Dadi started talking about Alia’s marriage on being instructed by Dadi. Pragya gives a suggestion of getting her married with Nikhil which comes with a shock for Alia and Tanu. Abhi assures them to talk to Nikhil about this matter despite Alia’s protest.

Nikhil goes angry on Tanu as he has listened to all this, he warns every one of revealing the truth in case of any problem between his and Tanu’s relationship.

Yeh Vaada Raha Cast made their special appearance in the episode in which they consulted their problems with Pragya and she answered their problem with calmness. Pragya suggested them to fight out the problems and told her about her situation.

This was the 422th Episode of Kumkum Bhagya which concluded with the pledge of Yeh Wada Raha team with Pragya

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