Kumkum Bhagya Nov 24 Episode : Will Pragya expose Nikhil in front of Abhi?

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016

Kumkum Bhagya Nov 24 Episode: Abhi was talking to Pragya meanwhile he gives time to her to keep the answer ready for midnight as he is needed to do the arrangements for Nikhil. Alia tried to call Nikhil but would not be able to connect, Purab and Bulbul comes and appreciates her decision of getting married to Nikhil. Abhi goes happy of all this and tells everyone to celebrate their marriage. [Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode

Everyone was on the dinner where all others wondered of the reason Abhi have called them for the dinner When Pragya enters; Tai Ji questions for her presence as it was a family dinner for them. Abhi informed everyone that he have called a guy for the marriage of Alia. Abhi told everyone to be care of otherwise Nikhil could fall off from their hands.

Nikhil entered for the dinner who is being welcomed by Abhi. Raj wonders of his presence. Nikhil sits for the dinner and reads the Alia message in which she have stated him to get agreed for the marriage. Abhi proposes him to get married to Alia, on which he left somewhat stunned.

Suddenly as an unexpected thing, Nikhil denied for the marriage proposal and stated him to wait for his decision till tomorrow. Meanwhile, Bulbul and Purab entered together in the house. Abhi goes to apologise Nikhil despite Alia’s Protest.

Pragya doubt turned to a belief. Mitali proposes a new guy who is a mechanic to get married to Alia. She goes angry of this and left the food as it is.

Pragya sees them together when they were arguing, Alia threatens Tanu that there were chances of her getting exposed. Pragya turns out the anger inside Alia and tried to pamper them for telling the truth.

Pragya said that Abhi might not be important for Tanu as she believe more in money despite him.

Dadi and Purab agree to put more concentration on Nikhil only, Bulbul frightened that Tanu and Alia may be more aware now and could hide all the proofs. Purab signifies the chances of them getting themselves exposed. Purab thinks of looking over to Pragya but Bulbul denied to do so as she might be helping Abhi for getting recovered.

Raj shouts on Alia and Tanu of the matter they are fighting on the issue. Raj told them to be care of as Nikhil is more clever than they can ever believe.

Pragya hopes for the faster recovery of him. Abhi and Pragya argue for the changed behaviour of the people. She hides her face from Abhi and lied that she is not hiding anything. Pragya advised to keepĀ himself away from her as she is only money minded now.

Abhi told that it’s the last chance for her and she will release the truth soon herself…

The bigger question comes after watching this episode is whether Abhi will able to know the truth of Tanu and Alia? This was the 424th Episode of Kumkum Bhagya