Kumkum Bhagya: Tight slap on Raj’s face as Pragya finds him guilty for supporting Alia


The new series of Kumkum Bhagya is going to take as many as new twists and turns in the upcoming series as Pragya will know about Raj’s involvement in supporting Alia to murder Bulbul. In the given video as Raj would not be able to see the lady clearly he taunts her that he wants to destroy Pragya and Abhi but later when Pragya comes near him, he remains totally shocked after seeing her in the new avatar.

Pragya taunts him for betraying his brother and trying to destroy his and Pragya’s life. As Pragya has found him guilty for supporting Alia, she slapped him hard for supporting a person who wants to destroy the life of his real brother. As far in the earlier series, everyone is quite clear about Alia’s intentions in the house to gather all the property.

But in the upcoming series of Kumkum Bhagya, it would be very much clear that they are trying to change the things. The exclusive episode of new scoop will be telecasted on 27th of Jan. It would be interesting to see what explanation will Raj give for his acts in destroying lives of his brother.

But the major fact which can be seen in the video is Pragya is walking towards him in a saree and Raj is not identifying her. This makes it little fussy as Raj should know that only Mitali and Pragya wears saree in the house. So will Pragya be able to prove her stand or not?

This scene is going to telecast in this series itself as its very much clear that Pragya is wearing the same dress in this series. Earlier Tanu have taunted Pragya to leave the house and Abhi’s life in order to let him enjoy a more peaceful life.