Kumkum Bhagya 4th Dec: Vijay may murder Bulbul for her statement against him

Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016

Mitali wakes up and spots Rony in fainted situation on the floor. She calls Dadi, Alia comes and argues that he must have been drunk last night. Pragya recalls the moment of last night. Rony reveals the fact that house servant, Robin have given him the water. Facepalm situation arrived for Alia and Tanu. Pragya, Dadi and Abhi spotted the decorator lying on the bed. Tanu argues that she might be in relation with the decorator, Pragya exposes her character after which she left mouth shut. [Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Kumkum Bhagya Friday Full Episode

Abhi wants her to prepare breakfast for him. He again tries to behave romantically behave with her. Pragya quoted the same as ‘Emotional Atayachar’. She agreed to prepare breakfast after a while on which he orders a big list of the things to be prepared.

Alia told Tanu to pray to the god to keep him fainted till the moment. She replied and said her to prepare some plan before the moment he woke up. Alia doubts that Pragya is aware now and she may be a problem for them. Meanwhile, Vijay woke up and starts singing for them. As we have earlier predicted, Vijay had intentionally fallen on Abhi’s bonnet.

Alia told him that he is in the heaven and Pragya is waiting for him only. Vijay argued that he is a man and his wounds is a jewel for him. He flirts and fights with Tanu, Vijay replied that he will complete his mission of killing her. Later Alia denied him to escape from here.


Pragya comes with breakfast for Abhi and Bulbul comes and quoted that she wants to eat the breakfast. Pragya explained them the situation of last night where someone must have entered the house. Alia gave them the suggestion of shifting him to the hospital for his security.

Pragya forcefully instructed them to leave the room, since she doesn’t want manipulated persons in the room. Now the story turns a new twist, Vijay was awake and came to know about the fact that Bulbul is wishing for his not well being. Abhi suggested the doctor that they could not spend more on the person.

Doctor suggested that everything is normal and there is no condition of him waking up. Purab suggested to hit his leg with the sticks to wake him up.

As we have seen in a recap of Kumkum Bhagya that Bulbul is going to be murdered. Then the chances have been increased that Vijay may murder Bulbul for her statement against him.

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