Loveshhuda 3rd Day (3 Days) Collection: Loveshuda 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office Report

Loveshhuda 5th Day Collection 5 Days Loveshuda 1st Tuesday Box Office
Loveshhuda 5th Day Collection 5 Days Loveshuda 1st Tuesday Box Office

Loveshhuda 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Loveshuda 1st Weekend/Sunday¬†Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Loveshudda released with a low potential targetted young audience with just another love story. The movie’s release time is definitely the most inappropriate thing. Loveshuda is actually a movie like the movies which have seen in the 2008-2012 era and their time has been ended now, despite having a huge release, an audience is proving that they didn’t love the idea behind this film. (see: Peshawar vs Islamabad.)

Despite having a far more scope of improvement, film is doing bad performances than the last week’s release Sanam Teri Kasam. The movie opened with an occupancy of around 5% in the most of the theaters, and the audience was the people who didn’t really go to watch the movie.

Loveshhuda 3rd Day Collection

3 Days Loveshuda 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office

On the first day, Loveshudda collections were totaled to around 95 lakhs only and on the second day it went actually down to 80 lakhs. Usually on the second day the earnings take a hike in comparison to the first day but what happened here is ironical. The movie will maximum cross 3 crore rupees during its whole lifetime.

The movie is about a stud guy who always want to drink and a leisure lifestyle. He is fond of using and throwing the girls, having nights spent with a new girl is his hobby. One day he finds out himself with a girl with whom he actually falls in love with no time. The rest story follows of their love story.

The third-day box office collections of Loveshudda was around the same figure as of the second day, on Sunday, the movie collected around 70 lakh rupees totalling the box office collections of Loveshudda to 2.35 crore rupees.

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