Loveshhuda (Loveshuda) Movie Review and Rating

Loveshhuda 5th Day Collection 5 Days Loveshuda 1st Tuesday Box Office
Loveshhuda 5th Day Collection 5 Days Loveshuda 1st Tuesday Box Office

Loveshhuda Movie Review and Rating: Loveshhuda is about Gaurav (Girish Kumar) who is set to get married to a London-based girl. He knows that she is not a perfect partner but yet he is all set to tie the knot. He plans a bachelor party with his friends after which he meets Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) with whom he spends his night. After a while, before someone comes to know about this, Gaurav makes Pooja walk out and due to mismatch, she wears his t-shirt that has been gifted by his mother-in-law. Somehow he finds it back after which he gets married. Four years later Gaurav will be spotted as a divorced man and Pooja gets ready for marriage. The rest of the film is what happens in her married life and how she meets Gaurav back. Watch Loveshhuda to know about the rest.

Loveshhuda Review Analysis:

The first half of the movie starts on an impressive note and it has been carried out for some time. The movie takes uneven turns and surprises everyone as it misses event he minimum logics many times. The movie has been filled with liquor in each and every scene and thanks to the grand locales and visuals. The major plot has been revealed out in just 15 minutes and everyone comes to know how the movie is going to end finally. The complete first half has been hammered and ends up on a below average note.(Also See: Neerja Box Office Collections)

The second half of Loveshhuda has been dragged too much that the audience struggles to digest the film. The emotional content has not been narrated well because of which the audience get irritated. The songs have been shot well and thanks to the grand visuals and locations once again. The entire film has been shot in London, Shimla, and Delhi. The climax of the movie is just a misfire and the second half of Loveshhuda completely fails in making the audience sit engaging.

Loveshhuda Casts:

Girish Kumar improved a lot and he has been matured enough in the character of Gaurav. He has been completely impressive with his looks and his performance. Navneet Kaur Dhillon makes her mark with her presence and her performance in the movie. Their chemistry is surely worth mentioning. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

The story of the film has nothing much to reveal. The screenplay and the dialogues have been very convenient that it hardly took a time to draft out the script. The music has been decent and the background score has been apt. The camera work is the major highlight of the film and the cinematography elevated each and every scene throughout the movie. The production values should be mentioned specially and they have been extra lavish. Vaibhav Misra fails in all the available ways to come out with an engaging romantic entertainer.


Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon


Production Values


Story, Screenplay



Dragged Second half

Loveshhuda Rating:

Rating: 1.5/5

Loveshhuda is a film that can be completely ignored for its pathetic narration. Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon have been decent which alone cannot save the film.



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