Main Aur Charles Review and Rating : Life story of cold blooded killer Charles Sobhraj


Main Aur Charles is about the life story of cold blooded killer Charles Shobraj who shot fame in the early 80s. Some of the important aspects in his life have been taken and converted into a film with Randeep Hooda in the main lead. The movie starts off with the escape of Shobraj from Thailand. The most interesting episode of the movie is the jailbreak in 1986 from Delhi. His colleagues Robert (Alex O Nell), Meera Sharma (Richa Chadda) will be seen narrating about their relation with Charles which forms the main plot. Amod Kanth (Adil Hussain) is the man who hunts Charles all over and he narrates the main story of the movie throughout. Watch the movie to know about the complete narration on screen

Analysis of Main Aur Charles Movie:

The movie brings a feel of the early 1980s and the visuals have been completely apt. Main Aur Charles is a movie that has interest throughout though we know the main plot. Some of the episodes have been executed well that we fall in love with this Bikini Killer. The first half of the movie has been completely decent throughout with all the needed ingredients in the right amounts. Randeep Hooda excels with his stunning performance all over and dominates the film completely.

The second half too has many interesting things to reveal but the movie dips at parts. The narration becomes slow and the audience loses the feel that has been gained during the first half. The climax and the pre climax episodes have been well executed and on the whole the second half of Main Aur Charles is just ok.

Performance in Main Aur Charles:

Randeep Hooda who proved his acting abilities has done his career’s best with Main Aur Charles. He excelled in each and every scene as Charles. Though he surprises everyone with his new accent, the audience gets habitual as time passes. He is the main highlight of the movie. Adil Hussain too has done his career’s best as Amod Kanth in the movie. He is the reason for elevating the character of Charles in the movie and Main Aur Charles will sure make Adil big. Richa Chadda is stunning all over and her character has been written and narrated well. All others have done their best for their given assignments. [Also Read: Titli Movie Review]

The story of the movie discusses about some interesting episodes that happened in the life of Charles Shobraj. The investigation has been done deeply which make the screenplay confusing. The dialogues have been decent and their completely narrated the body language of the character. The cinematography has been stupendous and the music has been apt. The production values have been rich enough and director has done a decent job which is a challenge.

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Rating and Review of Main Aur Charles:

Main Aur Charles Review: Main Aur Charles is a decent movie but it will appeal to a section of audience because of its raw content and tricky screenplay. Randeep Hooda and Adil Hussain at their best.

Main Aur Charles Rating: 2.5/5 Stars, One of the best low budget movie screened with full potential. Rate the movie on the given scale below.

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