Nayantara’s Mayuri Movie Review and Ratings – Dubed in Tamil as Maya

Mayuri Movie Review: The latest Telugu film starring Nayantara, Aari, and Amzath Khan has hit the screens on 17th September 2015. Let’s get to know what is Mayuri review by critics and audiences.

Release date : September 17, 2015
Rating : 3/5
Director : Ashwin Saravanan
Producer : C. Kalyan
Music Director: Ron Ethon Yohaan
Starring : Nayantara, Amzath Khan, Aari

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Nayantara has return back to the film industry with her later horrow thriller – Mayuri. Get to know the reviews of Mayuri directed by Ashwin Saravanan.

Mayuri Movie Review

Storyline / Plot:

Mayuri has been set in a remote forest area popularly known as ‘Mayavanam’. A hell lot of research about it to convert the story into a movie. According to the film, the place has been haunted by the soul of a married woman named Maya.

While, Mayuri essayed by Nayantara is a single mother whose profession is acting in Ad films and is employed as a junior artist. Randomly, one day, she watches this film and comes to know that it highly resembles with her own life.

The further proceedings form film’s storyline, i.e., how she get affected by those incidents? what consequences does she faced after watching?

Plus Points:

Nayantara has very well played her role and her talent has been the major attraction at full display. She has brilliantly essayed the role given to her. Every element of her acting can be felt outside the screen as she has displayed superb emotions at the correct time.

Aari has also played his part as the male lead very well. All other supporting actors have given justice to their respective assigned role.

The movie starts really well and first 20 minutes are exceptionally well and also the interval bang is produced well. The second half of the film shows tense and spooky scenes which have uplifted the film quite well. The background score is also good.

Mayuri Movie Review

Minus Points:

The second half is less interesting as compared to the first half. Additionally, the film requires more clarity at some situations which has dragged the film a little down. Some areas appears to be quite confusing. Nayantara doesn’t have much time in the second half on-screen.

Some scenes could have been avoided  and climax feels a little more dragged. These are the major drawbacks of the film.

Technical Aspects :

Background score and cinematography by Roh Ethan Yoohan and Sathyan Sooryan has done a stupendous job respectively with music and camera. There were some unnecessary scenes should have been edited out by TS Suresh.

Ashwin Saravanan has displayed his directorial skills very well and has done a good job at the screenplay. He could have narrated the story in a better way. Top notch technical skills and values have been employed to bring out this film.

Verdict :

Mayuri scares a lot.

Overall, the film has some of the best spine-chilling horror scenes. Nayantara is good at her acting. The Screenplay has proved to be an asset. However, the dragged storyline at the climax and confusing narration has dragged it little down. Horror-film lovers will definitely find it interesting.

Your call? Have you watched the film? What’s your Mayuri Movie Review?

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