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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016Next morning, Ishaani wakes up and finds Ranveer missing. Naina is sitting on a nearby chair and Ishaani tries to explain her everything. Naina says that she has already seen everything. (watch: MATSH all episodes.)

Maa comes and Nurbhay gets up to take her blessings but Maa pulls herself back. She scolds him that Naina’s marriage is about to happen and he again locked Ishaani in the room. She wants her presence in every ritual and event and that Ranveer should not feel that her ex-wife is unhappy here. She urges him to get Ishaani out.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016

Meanwhile, Naina threatens that she will puke all that she saw in front of Nurbhay whereas Ishaani requests her not to. Naina remains stubborn and says that she cannot marry someone who still spends his nights with her ex-wife. Nurbhay comes inside to find Naina and Ishaani there. Ishaani comes towards him but Naina holds her back.

Naina says that though she is his ex-wife yet she is her well—wisher and ask her to never come between Ranveer and her. Nurbhay asks him to do as Naina says. He says that he will simply kill Ranveer if she doesn’t follow her. Pratik comes and asks Ranveer about yesterday. Ranveer says that he is all white about what happened yesterday. He says that he was sent with a plate to a room and after that he doesn’t remember anything.

Ranveer wonders what would have happened last night. He had partial memories of going through the corridor, watching the clock while Ishaani cries and says that she is unlucky to get the best of her life.

Ranveer thinks that what would have happened that it all feels so different now. He never had felt anything such before. His own conscience says to him that he was with Ishaani last night. He thinks that he has been with her since childhood. He says that if he was with her then she is only one who could explain all this. He thinks of asking her. Here Ishaani is crying and talking to herself. She felt guilty as she did something wrong.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th February 2016

Her conscience tells her that it was all God’s wish and isn’t she happy with how her last night was. Her shadow asks her doesn’t she love Ranveer and want her every night to be like the last one. Ishaani says to her shadow that she loves Ranveer more than herself and trust her love more than anything.

She says that true love is stronger than every relation and if they share a common fate no one can separate them. Meanwhile, Ranveer thinks that only Ishaani can answer her questions.

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