Noor Movie Review and Rating

Noor, Noor review, Noor movie review, Noor rating, Noor movie rating

The movie follows a simple yet confusing storyline which will be out of context for the majority of Indian Audience. “Noor” is based on a book written by Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz, “Karachi, You’re Killing Me!”. The main storyline deals with the ethical code of journalists and challenges faced by them in everyday’s life.

Sonakshi acting in Noor is flawless. She has changed herself completely to fit in the role. Most of the fans are already aware of the fact that Sonakshi is quite a social person. Noor was a challenge for the actress as she needs to adopt an entirely different lifestyle.

It’s quite tight for the majority of Indian audience to understand criminal drama. The movie literally doesn’t have any plot, and one can easily guess what is going to happen next in the following scenes. Coming to the protagonism, its focussed on Journalism ethics. The majority is going to fail in understanding the minor details story wants to highlight.

Noor Story is all about active days and nights in the life of a Mumbai-based journalist. Getting ditched from the fate, She is desperately trying to find a life partner, and at the same time, she wants to progress professionally. As the movie continues, you will find yourself thinking it a trite.

Noor, Noor review, Noor movie review, Noor rating, Noor movie rating

The story follows how Noor decides to fight the odds with best she can do in her life. She just rocked with all the efforts desperately made against the odds. However, You may notice funny mistakes during the direction of the movie.

Hard to imagine a ‘successful, smart and independent’ twenty-eight-year-old woman – or even anyone out of their teenage – being this tied up over a gorgeous face she has met once. The protagonist more than once came across as a self-obsessed whiny sixteen-year-old playing grown up.

Satire is probably the best thing one could watch in Noor

. If you love ridicule exposing the wrong around you, this could be the best direction till date.

The best part of the story is, it never fails to entertain you even in the grave, serious scenes.

The problem with this genre is that the humorous and light tone of many of these books can easily veer off into the silly and irritating, thankfully Noor continues to be witty because of Sonakshi Sinha’s character and unfortunates happening with her again and again.

This movie doesn’t fit for any audience, whether you’re a Bollywood stuff lover or Hollywood. The storyline lacks originality. Director yet took care of the small things while shooting, that is most probably because being an adoptive film. Actually, “Noor” is expected to be a breakthrough in Sonakshi’s career. This movie is supposed to be the “Airlift” for sinking the ship in the ocean.

Noor, focussed on being a film for adults as various violent and deleterious scenes can clearly seen. There is a minuscule part of the audience who is going to love this movie. Mostly teenagers in metropolitan cities are going to the first show which is not expected to last more than a week.

Coming to the overall review, you can go for Noor if you loves criminal drama films. Witness throughout the time play is guaranteed. It’s never missing for Sonakshi fans, probably the best performance of Bollywood actress so far.

Coming to the Direction, it fails atrociously. Director Sunhil Sippy might haven’t done much work in the film rather than writing Screenplay. Most of the scenes already projected in the novel itself, and they are full adoption. Lack of originality can clearly seen.

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