Kabali Movie Review & Rating: Rajinikanth magic continues with Kabaali

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Kabali Movie Review Rating: Although there are many movies on the series from Tamil superstars this year. But the craze for the oldest and hottest Tamil superstar ever, Rajinikanth was extraordinary. Kabali has been undergone through direction by Pa Ranjith and produced by Kalaipuli S Thaanu under his V Creation banner. (check: Madaari review.)

The film stars Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte and Kishore in the leading roles. Salman and Rajinikanth had been blessed with the stardom from the very beginning. They both has craze following around the world. While on the one side, Salman Khan movies tickets booked a week before. Kabali fans took it to the next level and booked tickets for thrice of the Sultan’s ticket price.

Kabali Movie Review

Synopsis: The story is primarily based on extortion and menace threats on Indian citizens; overseas. The movie highlights the sad situation of behind the lens scenes where Tamils got abused physically and verbally by people and authorities.

City’s Don Kabaleeswaran aka Kabali (Rajinikanth) also lives in the same place. He had done many wrong things in his life, but he hates racism. Not all the times are good for Rajni as he had to face 25-years incarceration for raising voice against authorities. The story and plot narrate the payback time.

Kabali Movie Review Rating


Everyone knows that South Indian films are king when it comes to drama and too many unbelievable stunts. Kabali also had many scenes which can’t be digested easily. With heavy dialogues, heightened background score, and forced racy songs in the film. The story of the movie didn’t have any flaws. While watching the talkie, one may think that he is on the wrong screen for a while but after 30 mins everything seems to be sorted out.

Frankly speaking, its waste of time to find logic in any Rajnikanth’s film, after all, he is famous for that. If you are planning to watch Kabali, go for it but don’t start spoiling the fun by being a spy. The overall storyline is better than of Robots. Another negative part of the movie is Radhika Apte’s character. She does have an attractive character which can catch anyone’s attraction very soon, but the story fails many ways.

The action was one of the main key points a fan might go to watch the film. Rajni’s acting is fabulous no doubt. The thing which could strike anyone’s mind is an arrangement of fighting scenes. Yes, it’s acceptable that the fight could be anytime, but it should be good if the scenes were scheduled in a well-planned manner.

As a conclusion of this part, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the film is not threaded up well. One can enjoy the movie if stop finding logics behind every small thing. As a single line statement – Forget going cognitive about Kabali.


Kabali Review: Direction, Editing, Music and Dialogues

No matter what, Ranjith is a talented director, and the thing which attracts is his sense of explaining things. It’s actually positive about the film that everything is narrated very well.

If you are watching the movie, out of all your stresses even focussing less on what is actually happening, you will still get the story. Imperiously one couldn’t resist himself from getting with the flow. Thill scenes are just perfectly performed by the superstar. 

Music is vital to do proper and prosperous marketing nowadays. The Neruppa Da song from Kabali is going to give you goosebumps as it has been used to introduce Rajini’s character during the first half. This is a unique way of introducing which was first seen in South Indian movies itself.

Rajnikanth’s charm and pride are untouched. He had played both the roles, 25 years before and after very well. Dialogues are always a positive if you can understand Tamil. No wonder, dubbing really sucks when it comes to dialogues.


Even in his 60s, Rajinikanth has a star voice. The dialogues are delivered with a fluency which is again one of thing works as RJ’s charm on the box office.

His character is very attractive, along with Radhika Apte. The chemistry between the stars is truly an admirable thing. She had performed her small but crucial role very well.

The story misses many basic concepts and lacks being close to some innovation. The story that was seen in early 2000s movies were observed with not enough changes.


  • Rajinikanth
  • Flawless Dialogues
  • Action and Thriller scenes
  • Kabali Music
  • Never matched style

Kabali Negatives: 

  • Almost no plot: Every scene is precedented
  • No climax and suspense

Last Words

The story is like just another good vs. bad film. The film lacks innovation and efforts to make it better. It could be a better reprise for Rajnikanth’s true fans. Being neutral, I am rating Kabali review 7/10. The only attraction was the craze and Rajini’s character.

Rating: 7/10

The movie is expected to conquer all the box office records. Do share Kabali review in comments after watching?

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  1. Don’t go with more expectation on story …know story plot no surprise and suspense ,just go and enjoy the movie for thalaivar, waiting for 2.0

  2. Its a very worst Rajini movie that I have ever seen in my life time. Director Ranjit Idha vida kevalam Rajiniya vachu padam edukka mudiyadhunnu prove paniteenga.

    Rajini Sir inime indha madhri padathula nadichi unga pera keduthukkadhinga please.

  3. no movie can run only on fans support. This movie attracts fans and more over the general audience. Hence the box office collection is assured.

  4. Hands down worst Rajini movie ever!!! What acting? The Stylish walk and posture were forced and made the highlight instead of being a memorable attribute to the character. Almost felt like Rajini threw some ‘pitchai’ to his fans with these moves. Anyone who finds this movie good is a moron. PERIOD!

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