Madaari (Madari) Review and Movie Rating: Irrfan Is Back Once Again (6/10)

Madaari 6th Day Collection 6 Days Madari 1st Wednesday Box Office
Madaari 6th Day Collection 6 Days Madari 1st Wednesday Box Office

Madaari Review RatingMadari movie and Kabali hit the theaters on the same day. The day has come for all the movie lovers. At one side we have Superstar Rajni and Irrfan on the other side. Two different movies from two two big stars, it will surely be an entertaining weekend for the movie lovers. (read: Kabali review.)

The most awaited Madaari is out, and we bring you the Madari Movie Story Line, Review and also rating for the movie. Do go through the details thoroughly before you hit the theaters to enjoy the show. Madari is directed by Nishikant Kamat, who gave us Mumbai Meri Jaan, Drishyam, Force, Rocky Handsome. (check: Kabali movie review.)

Madaari Review

Shailesh Singh, Madan Paliwal, Sutapa Sikdar and Shailja Kejriwal are producing this film. Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi in the lead roles, Madaari is surely a film which shouldn’t be missed.

Plot Details and Storyline

Irrfan Khan is known for his thought-provoking movies. Even this time, he picked a script which throws light on India’s chronological evil, corruption. Irrfan just steals the show with his acting.

Madari trailer thoroughly depicts the storyline of the film. The story line goes like this; Irrfan is an average middle-class man who has a happy family, and he works hard to make his ends meet. Suddenly a devasting incident occurs, where he loses his son. Irrfan’s son goes missing and Irrfan, being a regular normal powerless citizen of India, calls out for help.

Madaari Review Rating

He approaches police and even the Home Minister, and everyone turn a blind eye to him. So this common man now decides to kidnap Home Minister son to show him what he lost. So how did he succeed in abducting Home Minister’s son? Did Irrfan get his son at last? That forms the rest of the story.

Isn’t that interesting? Now then you have read our review, do continue reading Madaari Review too.


If you are looking for an entertainer this weekend, we recommend you to opt for Kabali, whereas if you want thriller nail-biting experience, Madari is the one for you. Pick your one and hit the theaters.


Firstly, Madaari is based on true events. Sutupa Sikdar story really made the audience and also the critics thinking. As a result, positive reviews are rushing for Madaari. Moreover, there’s this thing, public talk and audience response which is also driving the audience to the theaters.

Madaari Review Rating

Madari is one gloomy script. It starts off slowly and picks up the pace before the interval and then it just kicks on till the climax. Cheesy lines by Irrfan keeps the script going.

Secondly, Vishal Bhardwaj and Sunny Inder-Bawra gave the best music for the film, especially the background music made the scenes much more intriguing.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the star performances. Irrfan Khan as Nirmal Kumar and Jimmy Shergill as Nachiket Verma stand out among all the roles. Irrfan kidnaps Home Minister’s son, and Jimmy Shergill does all his best to track Irrfan down. The intensity in these scenes is too damn high.

Madaari Review Rating

On a lighter note, Madari is a low budget film and has come out in less number of theaters. It’s not a conventional film like Sultan. Don’t expect an item song or big fights in the movie. Madaari is for all those intellectuals out there who could think and react to how a country is going. So do watch it and make sure you share your thoughts with us.

Madaari Rating

We would be rating Madaari movie 3/5 stars for their bold attempt to put forward something fresh for the film audience.

After watching the movie, do share your Madaari Review Rating with us via commenting below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Nthng new 2 deliver…only gud acting doesnt let d movie get praised.mind it sultan comes up wth every expectatns.irfan shld learnt frm salman.

    • Movies like sultan degrade bollywood. No acting at all, superhuman as always. 40 year old with no proper reflexes , and with a broken rib can defeat a professional mma player , only superhuman salman can do it. He wouldn’t have qualified for the match in the first place. And he is doing everything with just 3 month training. Defeating world class players and winning Olympic gold medal. Wtf. And we get to watch real life movie depicting true events and even having world class acting, we treat these movies like shit and even compare both. We don’t deserve good actors or good movies. Shame on us

    • Only good acting makes the movie..the only thing that you are saying this is, today people want mirch masala in the film, which is not their in this movie.but the truth is, irfan act in those films only which holds some sense, some reality.and madari is a must watch film I think.

    • If thousands of people says a wrong is still a wrong thing. Salman khan is like iphone….same performance no improvement

      • Totally accepted! Actors like Irfan, nawaz, has no comparison wid Salman in terms of acting! Salman has good fan following that is the onlu reason people go to see him not for his acting skills, fan was even better than sultan in if we compare acting skills, totally fake haryanvi accent played by salman

      • so u want a movie to be reality? admit it… a star bigger star…..diff btwn two is salman is an entertainer..irrfan shws reality..both are perfect in thea places……same goes to aamir and all others…ok srk is alrdy useless

    • dude i dont think you understand movies and yes you should ‘learnt'(read-learn) the english language

    • Looks like u r die hard salmaan… But bro just like the banks of the ruver, salmaan and classic acting is totally apart. This is where irfaans’ nawazuddins’ acting skills come.

    • nitesh you may be hardcore fan of salman but madaari has much more to offer to a least of IQ then masala packed sultan who doesn’t need brain to be entertained…

    • I am a huge fan of salman.but yet would say that he is not an intense actor like irrfan.the movie goes well.bit slow in begining.but worth watching.i loved it.

    • I think you missed some lines from the above review mate. This film is completely for people who are intellectual by their thoughts. Sultan is pitched on something very different context to that of Madari.

    • I can’t imagine people comparing Sultan and Madari..People and audience is dumb..just dumb..Madari is incomparable

  2. I am surely gonna watch this as I am a big FAn of Irrfan khan movies. He effortlessly performs what others cant. . He’s masterstroke is his eyes. . Goshh..

  3. The film Madaari is absolutely boring and has nothing to offer any entertainment. If people are paying rs 300 in multiplex then better watch SULTAN which is a huge hit already

    • The film madaari is not boring, the fact is we can’t accept the truth…We only want imagination…Thanks Irfan bhai ur movies is so awesome…hame Srf Sach se bhagna aata h isi liye sachai pasand nai aati hame….

    • You’re kidding right? 1. You have to pay 150 for the movie not 300. 2. I don’t know what you expected out of the movie but somehow it feels like a bikini clad woman or some objectifying item song would defintely be interesting for you. 3. Sultan is a hit because Salman Khan is a bigshot which also happens to be the reason for why he has been acquitted in the black buck case as well as the hit and run case. So yeah.

    • THINK 1 CRORE TIMES BEFORE CALLING madaari boring .It is only for those responsible citizens who dont live in fantasy world of bollywood where hero saves heroine by beating gundas !!!!. a happy ending . crossing 500 crores
      mark. so called hit film

    • You should have watched Baar Baar Dekho… or for you best would have been PREM RATAN DHAN PAAYO… that cud have been entertained you a lot bro?? right??

  4. Yes indeed..Madaari is for the thinking viewer.. a film made in sepia ..just a few black undertones .. thr Bansal kid is an admirable foil to Irfan Khan .. yes it could hv been briefer by 15 mins at least .. does meander a bit .. Nonetheless, very watchable a 3.8/5

  5. you cant compare sultan with madari
    both have its own audiance…
    in sultan you take out salman my marks 000000
    because of salman we give 100 ( all is maaf to salman khan … he has his charishma …no beat
    but also cant say no to madari……IT HAS ITS OWN CLASS

  6. Great movie. Splendid story , great performances. Only such crisp and relevant movies can entertain you without a heroine , double meaning dialogues,obscene songs,abuses and nudity. Sultan &Udta Punjab packed all these and are bragging of record collections.This a must watch.

  7. I loved it …Irrfan & all the other actors did there job very well…it’s very touching and heartbroken shows how government works…I loved it…

  8. awsm Irfan Khan… n climax is eye opener… 125 crore nai..tukde me bate hue ho…must watch…

  9. Awesome amazing movie. Politics ki dhajjiya Uda di. But people will not understand. Or kitni movie banani padegi ye samjhane keliye.

    • Jb tk log sultan jaisi movie ki praise krnge tbtk unhe nhi smjh ane wala…hmare waha to logon ko yahi nahi pta movie achi hoti kaisi h log sultan dabang prem ratan chennai express jaisi movie dkhna psnd krte hain

  10. Awsm movie….
    Aur Salman s compare kyn krte ho bhai use nautanki k alawa actng to ati nhi h…uski wanted hi achi movie thi uske bad sari bkwas

  11. the actor like Irfan Khan don’t need to release his movie any festive season beacuse after watching his movie you feel like festive atmosphere at all. he is a pure actor.

  12. very nice movie isse sayad hamare desh ke leaders ko kuch sikh mile isliye me request krta hu ki ye movie jarur dekhe app ko jarur kuch ehsas hoga ki ye movie kuch sikhati he

    • I agree vth bharti. Itsbetter u improve ur knowledge and IQ of analysing a movies. Though sultan is an average movie but Madaari is an excellant leaving great message behind and great performance of irfan

  13. Irfan ko Rajini Sir se kuch seekhna chahiye.. Kaha Rajini Sir aur kaha ye bakwaas actor. Don’t waste money Irfan.. Pls do some other work…

    • I completely agree with you! Why is Irfan wasting rime playing realistic roles in movies that don’t have item songs and that won’t make crores in the box office before their release. He should start acting like rajnikanth, the great jiske rone se baarish girti hai aur jiske haatho se goli chalti.

  14. No one can beat Irfan khan. One of few indian actors with actual actual acting skills. 4.5/5
    With love from Pakistan

  15. hi im from Mauritius, i just luv the movie Madari, wow, rely impressed.. 1 of my favorite of all time, bless u irfan khan, 1 of the best of bollywood

  16. Madari movie is reality of india country Desh so rahaa hi……. kiya is app ya hum hi jaga sakte hi

  17. Irfan’s acting is best in class, for Salman movies leave mind at home when u r going to watch his films, only then you will get entertained.

  18. Today I west my money on kabali I don’t know why these tips movies make money malaria is great movie

  19. sultan acha movie hai but madari ki kahani achi hai irfan ki acting bhi barihya hai lekin entertainment ka kami tha thriller thora aur hone se acha tha aur sound effetcs ki kami thi
    madari me thori si kami hai madari is good movie but best ne hai best ho sakta tha cz irfan bahot acha actor hai aur sultan bhi acha movie hai lekin salmaan khan ne audience ko nirash ne kia lekin kuch naya pan ne tha as per my opinion..

  20. Madari is a good movie…acting of irfan is brilliant …and fantastic ….and movie once again tell the truth behind the politics and corruption of contracts …how they get and ….but movies is superb…

  21. Once again Irfan Khan proved he is brilliant actor. movie should be meaningful. lesson hona chaye in the end.
    and please don’t need to be compare salman acting with Irfan khan. har actor ki class alag hoti hai salman ki alag class hai. Irfan Nazwaz inki alag class yeh wo actors hain jo married pay opar aaye hain industry mei apni skills se. in the end movie story achi honi chaye. actor tu bohat sare ache hain. movie story should matter.

  22. we always see directore or producer or actor said if you want make a hit movie you have to put romance ,love ,emotion fun action,tradgityand beautiful heroine and super hit music.Thai picture also shooting in very big country expensive location.But Madaari is that movie without heroine without all of this picture touch all the audience. not only this film budget is very poor but it released with very big budget and very big superstar film and minimum theater hall.not only this Ifran khan is only big budget star in this film.I wish every success of this film and hope win mane award.

  23. Abe jis Kisi KO b agr ye achhi naa lge to soch lo sala usi bhrshtachar Ki paidaish h.. Uncountable ratting for dis movie..

  24. Will give 5 star to the movie as well as Irrfan Khan… Very different from typical movies which sometimes have no head or tail.

  25. That is why most of the politicians dont marry, good job irfanbhai hope if it could stop corruption.

  26. Please appreciate the hard work done by actors.. they really do ! I always admire the hard work and diligence involved in creating big movies.

  27. This is not film ,this is mirror of our system .I find truth ,if you want to know what’s going on !!! In India …this epic story you should experience.this will blow your mind in climax…I liked the kid who played rajkumar.nice one IRFAN .hats off

  28. Awesome work by irfan khan.. Very good storyline and concept. Related to current situation in India….. Poore saal mai Chahe ek movie banao mere dost irfan, par asi bnao k log movie sirf daikhe nahi, balki yaad rakhe k kuch daikha hai… Congratulations For Big HIT Madari.. You are a good Actor sir.

  29. People who are able to afford multiplex tkts and enjoy week end as a week end will find it difficult to justify the standard of movie provided experience and maturity with age is backing them. That extra earning of Rs.500/- for father and son both was equally important which forced the son to go to school alone that day. Every body is waiting for their time to come till then such movies will always look like a topic to review and nothing more than that.

  30. Madari is wonderful movie I have seen ever.Our audience are watching commercial movie more than realistic movie.

  31. Madari is a very very nice movie…. Good to learn and know the truth about our government and to decide whom we are giving our valuable votes……

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