Money Back Guarantee Hindi Comedy Movie Review and Rating

Money Back Guarantee Movie Review Rating
Money Back Guarantee Movie Review Rating

Money Back Guarantee Movie Review Rating: The film of Bollywood hits the theaters tomorrow with all the leading stars of comedy world on a single stage. The movie features the stars of the retro period and 90s as well. Although it was earlier expected that new stars would also be there. (read: Shorgul review.)

But later its revealed that they are not in the cast. MBG is a movie directed for Hindi and Punjabi audience as well. Film features Sunil Pal, Mohal Joshi and Raju Shrivastav in the leading role. With only the name of casts, one can be assured that he is going to relive the recreation of a decade ago.

Money Back Guarantee Movie Review

And the story doesn’t end here, Eshaan Qureshi and Bharti also joined the club to give more punches. Although the comedy is absolutely one of the best in class. But the film lacks in direction precisely. No doubt, Sunil is one of the leading comedians of the country, but it ‘d be nice if the direction were given with expertise. According to the movie’s banner it had bought all the ‘stand up comedy kings’ on a single stage.

The film is obviously far better in everything when we rate it from prospective of a stand-up comedy show. But it could be better with the actors like Raju Shrivastav and Eshaan Qureshi. Sunil, Raju, and Eshaan are the only actors in a movie with Bollywood’s experience. Eshaan is better among all three, on screen.

The story is about a boy who wants to become a superstar but falls with wrong community. His teacher misled him and took all of his money. Kicked from all the sides, he decided to borrow money from friends but failed to do so. Later he decided to take revenge from his master in a comedy way.

Money Back Guarantee Movie Review Rating

The films go down nowhere during the entire timeframe. Even if there are romantic and emotional scenes in the film, Sunil had successfully taken the most advantage of them.

Overall this is a movie to be watched with family; comedy scenes are good enough to enjoy 2 hours. Lovers of 90s Bollywood are gonna super like this film. People who want to watch the movie for great direction, fiction, and story can completely ignore it.

Review: A good time passer for everyone. Enough good comedy, unrecognizable nonsense was observed at times. MBG is showing only in Agra, Ahmedabad, Asansol, Durgapur, Haldia, Kolkata, Meerut, Mumbai, Ramnagar, Rudrapur, Sangli, Shillong, Siliguri and Tinsukia, which is a negative part. Grotesque flirtatiousness of actress is weird and unnecessary in the film.

The review is published because movie hits cinemas today once again.

Have you watched the movie? What’s you Money Back Guarantee Review and Rating? Don’t forget to share.

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