MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017 Full Episode: First Semi-Finalist Declared!

MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017
MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017

MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017 episode was full of adventures. Final fate of two of the most controversial candidates to be decided in the episode. Rahul and Waseer were eliminated to the red zone in the last episode. Vote turns against the duo of two boys and they were given the task to fight with each other. The fight will decide the final nomination in the show.

In MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017 Gaylen arrived with the task sheet and explained the today’s task. The task is needed to perform in three levels. The first level was all about general challenge, throwing spears at the best distance. The far contestants throw the spears, better for them. After throwing it, contestants were needed to reach the location of spears and take two giant wheels to the ending point. After reaching the ending point, contestants were needed to come back.

MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017
MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017

So the task in MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017 episode was to

  1. Throw three spears at the maximum possible distance
  2. Reach there and take tyres to the end point
  3. Take tyres back to the starting point pulling them.

Rahul throwing skills helped him in reaching a far away point. Nikil keeps on cheering Rahul as his only supporter while he carries the tyres to the end point. Halfway the game, he was about to give up. Waseer was the 2nd contestant performing this task, Waseer outperformed Rahul for more by a gap of 1:02 seconds which was a huge gap.

Time taken by Rahul : 4:47 Seconds 3:35 Seconds
Time taken by Waseer: 3:35 Seconds

Everyone bids final goodbye to Rahul as he leaves the show, Nikhil appeared quite disappointing.

The second part of the show begun with Gaylen coming up with another worksheet. It was declared that semi-finale nominations for MTV Roadies Rising have finally begun. Gang Leaders were given one of the most difficult task – Choose the nominee from team to be finalised for MTV Roadies Rising finale round.


Gaylen 2nd announcement made the selection process even more difficult with coming that the team winning today will enjoy the full immunity. The winner of 1st July 2017 to be declared as the ruler of camp Patiala. Now the nomination difficulty begins with captains.

Speacial appearance of Kabaddi Players Rahul and Ajay Thakur happened in the episode. Kabaddi players were there to guide about the rules. As the task was announced, it was a mini kabaddi game among the players. Captain Nikhil chose Khushnuma and Prince chose Meenal. Neha chose Mandeep and Rannvijay chose Veerpal to play.

Since Kabaddi pro’s Rahul and Ajay were already there, they gave the contestants an overview about the game. Meenal was successful in gaining two points during the first go. But she failed while going for the third point. She scored 3/5 raids in total.

Khushnuma was the next as rest of roadies were defending the respective fields. She was able to get only 2/5 raids because of defensive and conservative playing. Veerpal was the most unsuccessful player with absolutely zero raids.

Mandeep and Samar decided to support each other despite the fact that they are playing against each other. Mandeep was the most successful in raiding, he continuously scored all the three raids making it a hatrick.

Mandeep hence finalised as the first Roadie to qualified for Semi-finale. He was also declared as the ruler of camp Patiala in MTV Roadies Rising 1st July 2017 episode.

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