MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 12th September 2015: Book of Fortune Dumps; Prince-Anuki Won The Kiss Ready Challenge


MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 12th September 2015: The very popular host of the controversial show, Sunny Leone brings in the Book of Fortune. As expected, it brought various twists and turns. The unexpected were dumped into the dumping zone. Amaad was given a chance to open it and as a result, the three girls also gets dumped.

It is not liked that it contained only the bad news rather it brought the good news but only for queen Subuhi Joshi. Thus, she got a chance to dump anyone who she wanted. She made use of her power and dumped Vanessa and Reshu. Subuhi’s friend Paras said that he won’t mind the action of her as he is in the show to play the game by the rules. It followed a series of arguments and fights as usual.

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However, there came a chance for boys via the Book of Fortune. It said that the boys can live in the villa only if girls leave it. Vanessa and Reshu chose to leave the villa to save Amaad and Ishaan respectively. This made the queen Subuhi happy as she got her connection Ishaan back in the villa.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 12th September 2015





After witnessing a rought dumping session and following arguments and comments, everyone returns to the villa. Again, there comes surprises as the things between Karishma and Prince starts getting worse once again. It seemed that they are not the perfect match for each other. Meanwhile, they are best at bitching about the other contestants of splitsvilla. Some time passed and they were introduced to the next task – Kiss Ready. Another twist came when both the male hosts of the show, Karan and Ranvijay told them that none of them is safe. But said that the pair who wins the task will be saved from the next dumping ground. All the contestants got excited after knowing what they had to do exactly. Karishma got Priyanka as Ishaan refused to participate in the task.

Watching the contestants doing the task was fun to watch. The pairing and working of Karishma and Priyanka made everyone happy. After the performances of all the pairs, Ranvijay came with the result. Prince and Anuki won the Kiss Ready task challenge and thus saved from the next elimination round.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 12th September 2015

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