Naagarjun 17th June 2016: Astika Eyes On Arjun’s Power

Nagarjun 17th June 2016
Nagarjun 17th June 2016

Naagarjun 17th June 2016: Arjun got suspicious of Shankchurn and walked towards stairs. Shankchurn came down, and Arjun looked at him. Shankchurn heart beat increased when he saw him, but he did not get the reason for that. He felt they boy had some powers. He walked to Noorie and SP.

When Norrie asked SP to spare her for some time, he did not agree. Rajveer came and then mayor too. Mayor asked SP to let children enjoy. Noorie wished mayor to help her as she wanted to meet Arjun. Mayor took SP.

Nagarjuna 17th June 2016

Noorie walked with Shankchurn and acted like coughing. She went to have water. Arjun saw her coming. He hid behind the table. Aslam asked her if she met Arjun, Noorie refused and asked where he was. Aslam pointed towards Arjun. Arjun came out.

She asked him as why he lied to her. He reasoned that there are so many problems in his life, and he did not want any more. She said to him that he loved her. He refused to accept it. She told her that her father would mingle her with other boys. He said he did not care; she could marry anyone. She was sure that he loved her.

Norrie went to Shankchurn and started talking to her just to make Arjun jealous. She acted as if something entered her eyes. Shankchurn looked in her eyes and hypnotized them. He took her for dance. Arjun was jealous. Shankchurn danced with her.


SP said Arjun was a criminal who was behind his daughter. Mayor asks SP, who was the boy that Noorie was dancing with. He did not know him either. SP scolded Noorie for meeting Arjun. Mayor announced Astika was coming.

Nagarjun 17th June 2016

Astika entered with her soldiers. Mayor greeted him. SP said to him that he heard about him a lot but did not get the chance to meet him. Arjun collided with Astika by mistake. Astika said he was ok. He then greeted Astika.

Astika praised his culture and touched his forehead and sensed powers in him. He asked Arjun if he knew him. He said his father admired him a lot. Astika said he had a lot to do and that they would meet very soon. Arjun then left.

Astika followed Arjun till he reached his home. Vasuki then asked him to stay away from Arjun as it was the fight between them. Astika said he sensed powers in him like he possessed nagmani.

Astika said that he should protect his powers till nagmani pooja on Maha Amavasya. Vasuki sensed danger to Arjun’s life. He thought of how he could protect him. He then prayed to God to save Arjun from dangerous Astika.

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