Naagin (Nagin) 14th May 2016: Rithik Keeps Naagmani In Shiv Mandir

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 14th May 2016: The episode started with Sesha taking Shivanya’s form and coming out. Rithik hunted her and asked where she was. She said she was cleaning house. He showed her protective thread and asked why she threw that. She said she did not throw that; that must have been broken while cleaning hut. (check: Naagin Last Episode.)

She then removed his shirt. She then rolled on the bed and romanced him on Har kisiko nahi milta song. She fell on his back and kissed her. He turned, and grass strand pricked his back. He said he could not sleep on the grass strand.

Naagin 14th May 2016

Shivani was tied to a pillar. Yamini came holding a knife and cut rope showing fake love and saying she considered her as her daughter; she could not see her in pain. Shivanya thought she had to save both naagmani and Rithik. She ran towards the hut.

Sesha said Rithik that they should save naagmani from Yamini and Sesha and asked to call kaal bhairav/5-faced snake and get naagmani. Rithik called kaal bhairav. Sesha asked him to take naagmani.

He took naagmani and was about to keep that on her hand when Shivanya entered and shouted not do so. Rithik kept Guruma’s ring on Sesha’s palm and her skin changed to snakeskin. He said she was naagin, and Shivanya had become human, so he would not give that.

Naagin 14th May 2016

Sesha took her real form and shouted at Guruma and Yamini whether they could not come late. Guruma said black naagin was a traitor and wanted to take away naagmani alone. Bees attacked them all. Gurumaa asked Sesha to kill bees. She spits fire from her mouth and killed bees.

Sangram entered and snatched naagmani from Rithik and said naamgmani would go to its owner. Yamini danced singing. He gave that to Guruma. Guruma reminisced hypnotizing Sangram Singh with her magical black ash and controlled him. Yamini shot Guruma right into her forehead.


Guruma’s wound healed instantaneously s she possessed naagmani. She laughed that nobody could kill her then. She ran out. Sesha slapped Yamini and ran, but Guruma tied bel petra on the door and she could not walk out. She shouted she would kill guruma if she came out. Guruma laughed and ran.

Naagin 14th May 2016

Rithik held yamini’s hands to snatch gun, and during their tussle, Yamini shot Sangram Singh, and he fell. Yamini removed bel petra, and both ran behind guruma.

Guruma ran in jungle and bees attacked her. She threw nagmani on the floor trying to save herself. Rithik ran and burnt bees with the help of nagmani.


Guruma fell injured and unconscious. Rithik took nagmani. Yamini said bees were an indication of mahishmati clan who were a behind wall; they had to take their help to get back nagmani.

Shivanya took Sangram Singh to the hospital. Rithik went to Shiv Mandir where 1000s of nags were surrounding shivling. He took out nagmani and nags gave him away.

Shivanya’s mother’s soul came to meet her. Shivanya got emotional seeing her. Shivanya hugged him and said her parents’ soul were in peace because of him.

Rithik got Amrita’s call. He rushed home. Amrita told she was in love. Rithik came out, and Yamini asked why he came there even after knowing his enemies stayed there. Rithik said he would give nagmani to Shivaji on mahashivratri. Yamini started her fake love and pleaded him to forgive her.

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