Naagin (Nagin) 15th May 2016: Kabir Teams Up With Sesha To Kill Shivanya

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 15th May 2016The episode started with Shivanya telling Rithik that his siblings thought that she killed Ankush. He said he would tell them truth, but would not tell Yamini’s truth as he did not want them to hate their mother. He gave his protective ring to her. She said she could not take that. He said she needed more protection. (watch: Nagin Last Episode.)

Amrita and Divya online looked at bridal dress designs. Angad joined them. Rithik entered. Amrita got happy that her brother came. Shivanya came behind. All of them became angry and asked what their dad’s murderer was doing there. Rithik said Sesha killed dad and not Shivanya. She even killed Shailesh and others.

Naagin 15th May 2016

Shivanya said if they did not want her there, she would walk out. Yamini said she couls stay there.

Ramya entered. Yamini took her to kitchen. Ramya  strangulated her neck and became Sesha. She asked why she was entertaining Rithik and Shivanya instead of trying to get nagmani. Yamini asked her to take Shivanya’s form and get nagmani with Rithik. Sesha said she was nagin and not fool. Yamini asked her to spare Shivanya until Amrita’s marriage.

Evil bees attacked Sangram and entered his body. His body turned yellow and red like fire and became evil.

Naagin 15th May 2016agin

Chaya came to attend engagement. Amrita and other family members greeted her in and joked with her. Yamini asked her to go and rest. Shivanya met Chaya. Amrita yelled at Shivanya. Chaya asked why she was misbehaving with her bhabi.

Amrita said that was a big story, she would tell her late. Yamini taunted Shivanya and their argument started. Yamini warned Shivanya that she would kill her soon. Shivanya said let them see who would stay there and who would die.

Kabeer came to Raheja house with his duplicate parents and reminisced Sesha and Shivanya killing him. He said he would kill nagins that time. Fake parents were mesmerized seeing such a big house. Kabeer warned them again to behave. Kabeer then met Rithik who thanked him for accepting Amrita.

Rithik asked if he would vanish even that time without informing. Kabeer said he came to vanish people instead that time and joked his sister. He spoke weirdly and Rithik listened confused.

Naagin 15th May 2016

Sesha took Shivanya’s form and thought of romancing Rithik even if she lost her nagin’s form and became human, she would be immortal with nagmani anyways. She said Rithik she was not getting something and asked him come and help her. She went to room and power went.

Kabeer entered. She thought him as Rithik and said he understood her signl, she wanted to romance him. She hugged him. He took her into light and she was shocked to see kabeer. Kabeer revealed her that he was dead with her and Shivanya’s attack but guruma saved him. He said he knew she wanted nagmani and Rithik and kill Shivanya. He would help her. Kabeer thought he would kill both nagins.

Amrita and Kabeer’s engagemen started. Kabeer’s fake mother started jokergiri and asked if scene started. After Amrita’s ritual finished, Rithik asked Yamini is Shivanya could perform rituals. Family fumed, but Yamini hesitantly agreed.

Naagin 15th May 2016

Sesha as Shivanya entered and thought she liked being with Rithik and hoped Shivanya did not return at all. She performed rituals and said Amrita and Kabeer made a good couple.

Sangram escaped from hospital. Kabeer met Sesha who acted as Shivanya and said if he also got fooled, she sent Shivanya out long ago. Rithik entered and said Sangram went somewhere and she did not know where he went. She hugged him and said not to worry, he would be back and thought good old man escaped.

Naagin 15th May 2016

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