Naagin (Nagin) 17th April 2016 Episode Part 1 – Shivanya faints during Pooja; Hrithik fights with Sesha

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 17th April 2016: Sunday’s episode is divided into two parts because of the lengthy episode; The first part reveals the Sesha evil plans against Shivanya and the second part includes their furious fight.

Naagin 17th April 2016 – Part 1

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Yamini informs Hrithik to make sure that the bel patra would get hung up on the door soon so that no Naagin could enter into the house. Shivanya spotted the pot which contains the Naagmani and took a pledge that she will not Yamini win this battle. Hrithik goes to the door and hangs the bel patra given to him.

Shivanya prays to Lord Shiva to show her a way out, as she couldn’t escape the pooja because bel patra was hanging up on the door. As the conditions were not up to the expectations, Shivanya dramatically faints. Doctor came and advised her to take rest for few days. Yamini shows her concern towards her health.

Shivanya and Hrithik had some romantic moments together in the room while Sesha got hurt after seeing them together going intimated with each other. Hrithik kisses his wife and leaves for the pooja, as Yamini called him up.

Divya was doing the pooja, Shivanya came from behind and got shocked by seeing her as only a Naagin could do this. Then she realises that someone had tried to kill Divya and on her position, in no other moment, she calls Sesha, but her friend was unreachable.

Shivanya invites some aghories sadhus in the house to reveal who is the real Naagin. They played and Sesha, Pooja, and Shivanya started getting irritated by its sound. Hrithik invites the sadhus in the house to know who is the Naagin.

Divya converts herself into Sesha and then turned herself into semi naagin form, Hrithik got shocked after seeing this and decided to kill this Naagin by his hands. They go into a fight, Sesha was about to bite him but immediately stopped after recalling her romantic moments. He overpowers her and touches with his ring; Sesha escapes the house.

Shivanya angrily calls her and asks what the hell she was doing in the pooja. Sesha governs her with a little bit of emotional drama. She says she was there to make sure it wouldn’t get completed at any cost and if there was any other Naagin, she might have done this work.

Then Yamini and Sesha talked with each other. Sesha, who is mad in Hrithik’s love, got agreed for the deal conditionally she will get her married with his son. They made the contract and decided to follow it up soon. Sesha plans herself that she will snatch the Naagmani and become the Queen Naagin and then she could get Hrithik herself.

Divya shows her concern about Naagin’s recent attack; Hrithik makes her sure that next time he will kill her.

Ankush came in the Yamini’s room and asked her about the pot. Yamini realises that she had informed him about this earlier, in no time, she starts believing out that its Shivanya in Ankush’s form. Yamini lies that there is no Naagmani in the pot, and it’s only some sort of water.

Ankush thinks that Yamini is not that fool to keep the water in the pot. He searches and found a stone in it; he throws the stone believing it’s not the Naagmani.

Sesha and Yamini go to Guru Maa’s cave with the Naagmani to inform her about their new plans. They told her about the deal. In their minds, everyone was thinking to get the Naagmani and become more powerful after killing others. Three of them secretly plans to finish off the other two.

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