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Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 1st May 2016: Nagin is moving towards its very end. Here is what happened in the last episode of Naagin. Shivanya turns herself into an angry ever avatar to save her love. She kills many insects who tried to block her way. Sesha attacked Guru Dev and told him that since its night, his powers are no more, and she will not spare him at any cost. (check: Baaghi collections.)

Getting angry after losing her Naagmani, Yamini tells Guru Mata that she lost the Naagmani and doubted Sesha as she suspects someone came in her avatar and took it since she was the one who had killed Rithik.

Naagin 1st May 2016

Shivanya saves Rithik’s life in Naagin latest episode

Guru Maa informs her and Sesha that Shivanya is still alive and took it from her. Shivanya comes to Hrithik and uses her power with the help of Naagmani to give him a new life. Yamini had killed Rithik and Shivanya helps him getting a new life. He tells that if the life couldn’t unite them, let their death will do, they spend some romantic moments together.

Rithik and Naagin decided to fight out

Sangram Singh comes there and informs him the reality. Guru Dev breaks the ice in which he had kept Sesha crossed; he tried to kill her for going against the Shiva. She complaints and started attacking him. She tried to kill him but stopped and begun after telling that she could do anything to get Naagmani and Rithik.

Shivanya guru dev and others came later to the temple and arrested him got killed by Sesha. Shivanya started crying out and takes the oath that she will take the revenge from her for doing all this, Sangram Singh advises her to be aware. Shivanya tells them to make sure Sesha will not know about her life.

Sesha Killed Gurudev in Naagin 1st May 2016

Guru Maa and Yamini were doing the Yag to find Naagmani. Guru Maa says Eagle to find out the black Naagin. They kidnap Sesha and bought her to the cave. Yamini harassed her, but she didn’t speak about Naagmani, as she never knew about it. They take Sesha into a prison for not speaking her mouth.

She took Yamini and Sesha’s blood on a coconut to find out the culprit but ends up getting that someone other is with them. Shivanya spotted them talking, and they talk Shivanya is alive.

Sesha goes to find out whether Shivanya is killed or not. Sesha comes out after seeing Shivanya lying in the hole and started claiming that she was the one who is wrong.

Rithik took her out as she walks away, Naagin Shivanya tells her about that. They hug each other after a short argument. She tells him that he will have to forget her since they can’t go together otherwise one will lose the life.

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