Naagin (Nagin) 23rd April 2016 Episode: Ritik slaps Shivanya hard for raising finger on his parents; Sesha kills Ankush

Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode

Naagin Latest Episode: The episode of Naagin started with Rithik getting ready for a morning workout. Shesha in Shivanya’s avatar came and said she knew he was angry with her, but she wanted to him a lot.

Naagin Saturday Episode

Shesha turned to herself. Yamini went to Gurumaa and said she could not trust shesha as she was Shivanya’s sister and may get emotional. She needed someone else to tackle them both. Yamini asked why she had hidden nagin till then. Gurumaa took out the bottle and ordered Naagin to come out.

Eunuch Naagin Chutki came out and acted weird. Gurumaa warned Yamini again. Chutki clashed with Angad and asked who that handsome was. Yamini said he was their youngest son. Chutki enquired about every man.

Shesha wore a sexy black nightie and sprinkled flower petals on the bed, thought Rithik would get what he needed that day. Rithik came in, and she started romancing him.

He said everyone love on the bed; he wanted to try something different. He touched her back with a ring. Her skin changed to snakes. He realised that naagin was in Shivanya’s form and strangulated her neck. Yamini asked where Shivanya was. He told she was missing.

Gurumaa continued her pooja after capturing shivanya. Shiavanya saw her busy and escaped. Rithik reached guru maa’s den with Ankush, asked him to stay out, and went in. shivanya watched everything and rushed home.

Rithik tensely thought where to find Shivanya then. She called him and said naagin had kidnapped her, but she escaped. She was at home and wanted to tell him something important. Yamini was shocked seeing Shivanya. Yamini started acting and asked Shivanya not to snatch her son from her. She said that Sangram Singh and his wife were his real parents.

Rithik slapped her and said he warned her not to trouble her parents, but she did. She said his father Sangram was alive. She said she knew where his father was. Rithik followed her. Yamini asked Maali Ankush to kill both Sangram and Rithik.

Shesha tied Gurudev and Sangram Singh to pillars and tried to bite Sangram. Sangram said he had Rajvansh tattoo on his back and was the protector of Nagmani; Naagin could harm him. She stated that they both would die. She walked out and met Yamini in the jungle. Shivanya sat in jungle thinking Rithik did not believe.

Yamini saw Shivanya and asked Shesha to change into Ankush soon. Shivanya prepared a trap  and waited for Ankush. Ankush came and she hanged him reverse on the tree.

Rithik rushed towards cave with Yamini. Shivanya asked Ankush him to accept in front of Rithik. She was about to get him down when Shesha cut rope and bamboo pierced Ankush and he died. Shivanya saw her, and she ran from there. Rithik came with Yamini and was shocked to see her with Ankush’s dead body.

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