Naagin (Nagin) 24th April 2016 Episode Colors: Ritik tried to kill Shivanya; Sesha murdered Ankush!

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 24th April 2016: Nagin story is taking the way towards its conclusion. Protecting the Naagmani from Mahishmati and Yamini had become harder for Naagin Shivanya. Sesha is with Shivanya’s enemy now who are planning a controversy against them. In the last episode of Nagin, we have seen who Shivanya came to know about the killer of her parents and took a pledge to eliminate Yamini.  (watch: The Kapil Sharma Show.)

Since Rithik is aware of the fact that Shivanya is the Naagin because of drama during the pooja, he wondered and decided to save his family from the Naagins. It had become hard for him to choose between his mother and wife. Yamini and Sesha had planned to speculate him using the cheap tricks. (Also See: Naagin Last Episode)

Naagin 24th April 2016

Mahishmati is coming to the town; flies came before her, and Shivanya came to know about that. Shivanya decided to follow them as Guru Dev had once told her that these flies will give the way to Naagmani.  (check: Castle Season 8 Episode 19.)

The flies reaches the cave where Sesha had tied Guru Dev and Sangram Singh with a big rock. Shivanya followed them and killed the bees with her fire attack. Guru Dev took a long break after getting freed from the ropes. He instructs Shivanya to proceed against Sesha; she also assures that to do anything to save Shiva’s property.

Meanwhile, in the house, Sesha attacked Yamini and told her to have some realistic wounds on her hands instead of lipstick ones as Ritik is very smart. Rithik comes there, and Sesha converted herself into Shivanya and started attacking his mother. Rithik thinks Shivanya is trying to kill her mom and attacks her with the power ring. Sesha converts herself into a Naagin and escapes.


Yamini starts her drama that they should go to Guru Maa to find a way to kill Naagin. After some protests, he agrees to kill his love. They went to Guru Maa’s cave and she handled them a robust knife which will help him to kill Naagin, the knife is made of world’s most powerful poison. To trace Shivanya, Guru Maa sends her vultures with Yamini and Rithik.

Naagin 24th April 2016

Vultures follows Shivanya, Shivanya goes to Guru Dev and asks him for help. He instructs her to go to the Shiv Temple as its the place where no one can kill her. She goes to the Shiv Temple and kills three vultures with her attacks.

As soon as she screams that no one can kill her, Rithik comes and tells that he is going to kill her. But later he goes emotionally after seeing her eyes. Yamini took the knife from him and stabbed Shivanya thrice in the stomach.

So what do you think? Has Shivanya is really dead, or she enjoyed the privilege of being in the Shiv temple.

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