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Naagin 17th April 2016

Naagin 30th January 2016The show begins with Yamini consoling Shivanya about Rithik that he will be fine. Shivanya insists on letting her stay with him and Yamini takes a leave saying that she loves Rithik more than his parents. Rithik wakes up and surprisingly ask about Shivanya. She tells her that he is married to her. Rithik is in doubt as he doesn’t remember anything. (see: All Episodes of Naagin.)

He asks her to kiss to prove that she is his wife. She calls her naughty and leave to call a doctor. Rithik tells her of his dream when he was hit and about his vision of brightest diamond. Shivanya calls it mani – NAGMANI. He tells her that he is unaware of such things. Shivanya asks him to rest and brings soup for him.

Naagin 30th January 2016

Shivanya slurs her hand on the mirror and Guru Bhairavnath Ji comes on it. She wishes him and ask him for any news regarding mongoose. He says that he has some clues that show the presence of a mongoose in her house. He further suggests her that it may be some outside person and she immediately gets to Kabeer. Guruji asks her to bring anything of Kabeer’s daily use. Shivanya leaves.  

Shivanya impersonates as nagin and enters Kabeer’s room. She finds Yamini there and uses the mirror as a hideout and comes out to take away Kabeer’s watch when Yamini leaves. She goes to guru ji and hands him Kabeer’s watch. Guruji after versing some mantras ask her why she brought a dead man’s watch. She says she wants to know about him.

Naagin 30th January 2016

Guruji says that this dead man has some link to mongoose and directs her to it. She follows footprints to land up in a cave. She clears the stones to find a stinking dead body. On further check, she finds Kabeer’s driving license and get tensed as mongoose is at home and Sesha went with her alone. She impersonates into snake and hurries to save her.

Angad with his sisters, Kabeer, and Shesha drive to the club. Shivanya reaches home and sees Rithik watching TV. She asks her that it is Saturday night and she has to go to a Nightclub. Rithik is amazed and gets ready.

Kabeer and Shesha at a night club and Shesha orders juice and Kabeer orders shots back to back until Shesha stops her. After drunk, he pushes Shesha to dance with her. He wants to puke and Shesha takes her to the washroom. He sneers and closes the door. She asks him that he closed the door to transforming into a mongoose. She also tells her that she recognized him due to his smell. He pushes her on the bed and says that she will die soon. She knows that she knew about him from the very beginning and then they both start fighting in their native forms.

Naagin 30th January 2016

Shivanya and Rithik at a night club with Shivanya trying to dodge her. He wishes to dance with her but she leaves for the washroom. She finds Shesha and Kabeer fighting and pushes him. Then both the nagin’s fill his belly with alcohol and then makes him half dead throwing him from balcony killing him. Shesha ask who sent him and Shivanya says that it remains a mystery as the mongoose is dead.

Shivanya finds Tanvi’s mobile and Shesha comments that mongoose might have killed her. They both browse through the phone and see that Tanvi knew about them. Both of them were about to leave when a message arrives saying that Kabeer must have killed nagin by now and has met the sender at Kali ghati. Shesha is about to call her when Shivanya stops her saying that she wants to know about the person. Shesha sends a message from Kabeer’s phone to Rithik that he is returning back to Canada.

Naagin 30th January 2016

Shivanya goes back to dance floor and tells Rithik that she will drop Shesha home in her car. Angad drops Rithik home. Shesha and Shivanya waiting for the enemy at Kali ghat. They both are shocked to find Suri’s wife and approach her as Nagin and mongoose to disguise her. They both turn back into human form leaving Suri’s wife shocked.

Shesha tells her that an ichadhari nagi gets her powers after hundred years of prayers and can’t be so easily killed. Suri’s wife try to escape but is caught by Shesha. Suri’s wife is about to tell her the name when a car arrives and a person shoots her. The name still remains a mystery.

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