Naagin (Nagin) 5th June 2016 Sunday Episode: Raja and Rani Plan To Snatch Naagin

Naagin 15th May 2016
Naagin 15th May 2016

Naagin 5th June 2016: Soldiers chant Maharaj Chandravanshi ki Jai ho. Raja says they have been waiting for 25 years to get Nagmani, who is with Suryavanshi’s and orders saying we will snatch it today. He sees Sesha seeing from behind and orders soldiers to bring her to him. (share: Ramadan Images.)

Raja asks her to kneel, and Sesha says she knows only to bite. Rani asks Raja where is Naagin and he shows Sesha. Rani says she will pay, and Sesha says even she is looking for Nagmani. Raja says we will break the wall.


Naagin 5th June 2016

Rithik says he can hear Mahismati coming, and Shivanya says she will use her powers to stop them. Seshan says to Raja that 1000s of soldiers can’t break the wall and says only she can break it. Sesha breaks the wall with one hand, and Shivanya brings the wall back to normal with her powers. (check: Ramadan Greetings.)

Sesha enlargers herself to see who is on the other side and Shivanya too turns herself into a five headed snake. Sesha is shocked to see Shivanya gaining all her powers. Sesha tries to kill Shivanya with a storm and a dagger, and she fails. Sesha somehow enters the wall through a crack. (see: When is Ramadan 2016?)

Naagin 5th June 2016

Rithik explains nags that they should protect Nagmani at any cost. Sesha stabs Shivanya from behind and goes to snatch Nagmani. Rithik holds Shivanya and Shivanya ask Rithik to go and protect Nagmani. Rithik says he will and picks up a Trishul and stabs Sesha.

Sesha holds Nagmani and her injury heal off. She says she will not kill her love and leaves the place. Sesha gives the Nagmani to Rani and Raja is happy seeing that. Rani goes outside the palace saying she has got Nagmani after 25 years. Sesha follows her wondering why she is not going to the palace.

Naagin 5th June 2016. Rani places the Nagmani to where it was actually, and Sesha is shocked to see it is Shivanya. Shivanya says you underestimated my powers, and you forgot that I can transform myself. Shivanya says she can’t die, and she got revived in Hrithik’s arms. Rani comes out of palace and Raja is shocked to see Rani there.

Rani says Shivanya bite her, and she fell asleep. Shivanya goes to the other side of the wall and says now no can break the wall for another 25 years. Sesha tries to break it, but her attempt fails. Rani asks Soldiers to confine Sesha for 25 years till she breaks the wall.

Naagin. Shivanya and Rithik pray to shiv ling and Shivanaya says her duty now is to do Tapasya and says his duty is to protect Nagmani. Nags comes and surround Shiv Ling. Shivanya asks what is happening?

Yogiraj said it is a sign that they will have a baby, and it can either be nagin or human. Shivanya and Rithik romance in the flower garden and he asks her to look into his eyes, and she feels shy, and he says this is also a sign of pregnancy. Yogi Raj says a new battle will begin. The whole flashback is shown and Serial’s season 1 comes to an end.

Stay tuned for latest Naagin news and updates. Nagin season 2 will start soon.

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