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Naagin 17th April 2016

Naagin 7th February 2016The show begins with Ankush and Yamini looking for naagin. Ankush sees a book lying on the floor and says how it came out as he kept in the cupboard. Ankush sees naagin skin and Yamini say that she was here once again. He says that she escaped from the window and there is another naagin and they have to go guru maa again. (see: All Episodes of Naagin.)

Yamini and Ankush at Gurumaa’s place and she perform Pooja on Snake skin and Nagin’s blood. She tells them naagin is still alive and that someone is protecting her but she will die soon. Sesha arrives at Shiv temple to meet Shivanya. Bhairav tells her that she is resting and asked not to disturb her. Sesha tells Bhairav about the tattoo. He asks her to get behind the secret of tattoo and she leaves.

Naagin 7th February 2016

Gurumaa performs Pooja on Shivanya’s blood and she starts crying in pain. Bhairav calls Gurudev who says that the wounds are really dangerous and tells someone is chanting mantra’s to kill her. Gurumaa tells that naagin will die soon as all blood will be drained out from her body. Yamini says why she isn’t dead by now. Gurumaa gives her a belpatra and says that this will keep naagin bounded either outside or inside the house.

Bhairavnath urges Gurudev to save Shivanya. Gurudev says that only Shiv Ji can save her and she must go to Shiv temple. Angad applauds Rithik as he did something which many were not able too. Rithik says she did so to avenge naagin for biting Shivanya. Ankush and Yamini arrive and inform that naagin is not dead yet and then gives belpatra asking them to tie it on all entrances. Sesha is about to leave to meet Shivanya when Rithik comes and ties belpatra on the window.

Naagin 7th February 2016

Gurudev says that only Rithik can save her by carrying her to Shiv Temple. Bhairavnath denies as Rithik will know the truth then. Shivanya says, whatever happens, she will die either way. Bhirav says that she is a disciple of Shiv and Shiv Ji will himself make Rithik take her to the temple. Gurudev asks Shivanya to reach Shiv temple and says that even Rithik is in danger as he has tattoo mark and is related to Shivanya. He too can feel Shivanya’s pain.

Shivanya gets to Shiv temple via jungle and is attacked by Hawks. Sesha wonders that she anyhow has to find the secret hidden in the book. Shivanya asks help from Sesha over telepathy. She tries but is stopped due to belpatra and gets angry. 

Bhairavnath thinks he has to reach Rithik and tries to ask for a lift. Sesha goes near the door. Yamini asks her to which she says that she is checking if belpatra is in place.

Naagin 7th February 2016

Rithik feels Shivanya’s pain and her calls for help. He wishes to see Shivanya as he feels her be in danger. He rushes to his room but Sesha comes there disguised as Shivanya. Yamini tells her about Rithik’s concern. She wonders how it possible and what connection do they have. She tells Rithik that she is alright.

Hawks attack Shivanya again. She gets into a cave and then recalls that she has to avenge her parents’ death and starts running. Sesha burns belpatra somehow. All of them see belpatra burning. Angad puts off the fire. Bhairavnath somehow manages to get to Raheja house and thinks of playing been to call Sesha. Sesha change into a snake and leave. Ankush sees her and they all panic. Ankush hears been sound and comes out.

Naagin 7th February 2016

Sesha meets Bhairavnath and he tells her that Shivanya is jeopardised and only Shiv Ji can save her. He also tells her that Rithik too is needed as said by Gurudev. Ankush sees snake charmer and recognises him. He shoots at them with his gun. They both take cover and Sesha then send Bhairav back saying that she will get Rihtik to temple anyhow.

Ankush tells Yamini and Rithik about the same. Sesha disguised as Gurumaa ask them to be alert for next three hours. Sesha then turns into a snake and gets in the house to take Rithik to the temple. Rithik tells Yamini and Ankush that he will go to Shiv temple. Yamini also wishes to accompany him but Shivanya (Sesha) says that only they both should and they leave.

Naagin 7th Feb. 2016

On another hand, Shivanya sees a mongoose so she climbs into a tree in snake form and then turns back to human form and run. Rithik and Shivanya (Sesha) get into the car to go temple and Rithik thanks her for coming.

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