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Naagin 24th April 2016 Episode

Naagin Latest Episode: The episode of Naagin started as Hrithik wished shivanya happy 6 month wedding. He said that he again saw a dream to save nagin and nagin wanted to kill his family.she said that all nagin are not wrong, and she heard many stories in the village.

Naagin Latest Episode Online

Ankush came in the room. Yamini talked romantically. He asked if she was speaking to him. She said yes and found a way to kill nagin and said another nagin came during the party. He proposed the plan. She stated that he had to act as he lost guru maa’s ring and went out. nagin would follow, and he shoot shoot her with special gun. She will then kill another Naagin. (Also See: Last Episode of Naagin)

Naagin (Nagin) 9th April 2016

Angad took pics of his siblings with the new camera. He asked Hrithik and Shivanya to sit together. He pulled her and made her sit on his thigh. Angad said how romantic.amrita came and took a camera. Angad told me to be careful, and it was costly. Yamini came and told not to trouble them and asked them to get ready.

Party started, and Ankush searched nagin. He imagined Amrita wagging tongue in alcohol glass. He asked how many glasses she drank. She replied 1..2..3..9. He saw black Naagin passing by.

Shesha came to Shivanya and told her that Ankush lost his ring. Shivanya said that she would kill him and asked Shesha to be here. She thought hope to handle Hrithik and herself.

Yamini went to shivanya and started drama that Ankush lost his ring and how she could save him from nagin. She thought it was time to take revenge and kill him.

Ankush continued searching his ring and was about to touch Amrita’s friend when Yamini took him aside and scolded him that he was becoming tharki at this age and asked him to start the plan. Shivanya went in Naagin’s form and he went behind her.

Yamini took Hrithik aside and said that she was angry as she brought only one necklace. He said he couldn’t think more. She stated that he could marry once again and she kept their newer clothes in almirah for marriage and not to tell Shivanya as it was surprise.

Shivanya followed Ankush. He went to a secluded place and started shooting and said that he purposely brought her to kill her. She ran and saw tribal women grinding chillies and said that a goon wanted to kill her. They told to wear a mask as he would not identify her.

Hrithik went to his room and found Shesha in Shivanya’s form and said he came to change her, she got tensed. He got bridal saree and stated that he would make her change. She asked how could he. He said that when she could see him in towel and could tie dhoti them why he couldn’t. Shesha thought how Shivanya could tie dhoti.

Rithik closed door blindfolded him and changed the saree. Aj fir tum pr pyar aya h played… she got emotional. She thought that where Shivanya has gone as it was impossible to control herself and Rithik. She got very romantic. He adorned her saree and took her down, showed mandap and said surprise they are getting married again. She thought how to marry her sister’s husband.

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